April 22, 2024

A long-distance relationship usually involves two people who are either dating or married but living in different cities, states, or countries. Of course, to some people, a long-distance relationship is not the ideal kind of relationship they will want to get involved in; however, it still works for many other people out there.  

While long-distance relationships may be tough and seem uneasy because of loneliness, fear of being cheated on, and sometimes lack of communication, it has its own surprises too. That being said, in this blog post, we will explore a few tips to navigate your long-distance relationship and make it work despite the challenges that come with it.  

So, let’s get started! 

10 Helpful Tips for Navigating Long Distance Relationships with Someone in Nigeria 

You certainly must have read several tips and guides concerning navigating a long-distance relationship with someone in Nigeria, but the truth is that no one is as genuine as what lies ahead in this article.  Here are 10 helpful tips for couples in long-distance relationships in Nigeria to get along: 

1. Avoid Excessive Communication 

The first thing you should do in a long-distance relationship is to avoid excessive communication. You don’t really have to communicate with your partner round the clock.  While some couples think that communicating more helps to compensate for the distance, it can actually make things a bit tacky and the reason is that you can easily drift off and get tired of loving.  

You need to understand that – Less is more. Don’t overdo things in a long-distance relationship as they may only make things go sore. It shouldn’t be about spamming and being on the phone with your partner all day long just to feel loved, rather it should be about knowing when to communicate, teasing at the right moments, and tugging at the right spots.  

2. See it as an Opportunity

A famous quote says “If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart.” Long distance relationships are most times blessing in disguise as they help you see things from a different perspective. You should view it as a learning journey for both of you. The earlier you begin to see it as a test of your love for each other the better your relationship gets.  

Meanwhile, just as the famous Chinese proverb quotes “Real gold is never afraid of the test of fire” You shouldn’t see your long-distance relationship as a challenge rather, you should believe that through the experience, the both of you can withstand any harsh condition and even create stronger bonds for years to come. Learn to see the positivity in your relationship amongst the odds.  

3. Set Some Ground Rules to Manage Your Expectations 

It is very important that you both set rules to guide how you live your lives.  Sometimes, most people in long-distance relationships see it as an avenue to do whatever comes into their minds, especially in today’s world where immorality has become the order of the day.  Both of you need to be clear about what you expect of each other during this long-distance relationship. 

Set some ground rules so that no one does what can potentially hurt the other. You can skip this tip if you already know that both of you are going nowhere together. However, if you both are truly down for each other then you should discuss your commitment levels and make up do’s and don’ts to manage your expectations. That way, each couple has a task to live up to.  

4. Try to Communicate Regularly, and Creatively 

While it is good that you don’t communicate excessively, you should try as much as possible to keep in touch with your partner regularly. You can send “Good morning” and “Good night” text messages or do so over the phone before embarking on the day’s tasks. It can help boost your morale at work knowing fully well that your partner cares about you.  

In addition to that, try to give a glimpse of how your day went to your partner. No matter how mundane some of the things may seem, the moments are priceless. To make things a little tush, send each other pictures, audio clips, and short videos from time to time. The tiny things are what really matter in a relationship. And by doing so, you make the other feel loved.   

5. Talk Dirty with Each Other

Some of us do this with people who aren’t even in any intimate relationship with us so how much more your partner? Sexual tension is undoubtedly one of the most important things between couples. Sexual desire is like a glue that keeps both parties from drifting apart. Not only is sex a biological need, it is an emotional one as well. 

Keep the flames burning by sending each other teasing texts filled with sexual innuendos and provocative descriptions. Sexy puns work pretty well too. You both can engage in exclusive chats, share explicit content, and do the things couples do over the phone, especially in long-distance relationships. It is never a crime to be naughty with your favorite person.  

6. Do Similar Things

Despite being far away, you both can stay connected by doing similar things you both find interest in. You can recommend books, TV shows, movies, music, news, etc. to each other. When you read, watch, and listen to the same things, you get to have more topics in common to talk about. This is indeed ideal for creating some shared experiences even though you are living apart in different cities, states, or countries. 

7. Make Visits to Each Other 

If you are in a long-distance relationship or have ever been in one, you will understand better what it feels like to get to visit that one person in your life after waiting for so long. Visits are the highlight of every long-distance relationship. After all the waiting and yearning and abstinence, you finally get to meet each other to fulfill all the little things like kissing, holding hands, etc. 

While all of these may seem common to other couples, they’re so very special and extra intimate for people in long-distance relationships. It will be like fireworks, glitter bombs, confetti, rainbows, and butterflies everywhere. Even if you both don’t get to visit each other frequently, making time for visits once in a while should be part and parcel of the relationship. 

8. Stay Honest with Each Other

Relationships work when honesty is on full display. Discuss whatever you feel with your partner be it fear, insecurity, jealousy, apathy, name it. Don’t try to hide anything from your partner. Remember that you both have a future together and you wouldn’t want the other person keeping secrets. It doesn’t matter whether your partner is as honest as you are, play your own part! 

If you try to hide anything from your partner, that secret will sooner or later swallow you up from the inside out. Moreover, you shouldn’t try to use distance as an advantage to play sneaky games or cheat on your partner. This is a major deal breaker in many relationships and if known, you may lose your partner’s trust and in more severe cases, it can end the relationship.  

9. Stay Positive 

This is where the major headache of every long-distance relationship kicks in. Staying positive can be a lot of work considering that you both need to keep the relationship alive despite being far from each other. Of course, the long wait can be painful and you can sometimes feel lonesome but you need to remind yourself that the fruits at the end will be sweet as heaven. 

One good trick to staying positive in a long-distance relationship is to replace complaints with compliments. You need to be grateful all the time. It doesn’t matter how little or big it is, be thankful that you have someone to love — someone who also loves you back. Be thankful for the first, precious moments you both shared. Be thankful for each other’s health and safety.

10. Give Each Other Pet Names 

Not every couple in a long-distance relationship may want this in their relationship but the obvious truth is that it is cute and can help spice up things a bit. Give each other peculiar names and use them oftentimes in conversations whether you both are having a phone call or a video call. You can also send love messages starting with the pet name you gave your partner.  

Relationships become sweet when you keep the lovey-dovey thing going.  No one said a long-distance relationship will be all rosy but at least doing the things that are seen as insignificant can light up the mood of your partner. Calling your partner by their pet name can make them feel loved and cherished and in return make you feel fulfilled. It is how you do things that matter! 

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