How to Overcome Shyness in Nigeria

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Not everyone have the boldness to stand and talk in front of a crowd mainly because of shyness.
Especially if you want to become a leader, boldness is part of the qualities of becoming a leader.

Learning how to overcome shyness at a very young age is the best, as you grow up, you will be able to face a very large audience.
Some persons have hidden their talents because of shyness, talents isn’t supposed to be hidden instead it is to be shown to the society.
Different methods have helped different persons overcome shyness and today they can stand or perform in front of a very large audience.
I will highlight different steps that will help you overcome shyness.

1. Practice.

This have helped different persons overcome shyness.
When you are alone or at your leisure time, you would close your eyes and imagine you are in front of a large crowd, you could borrow a scene of your church congregation, imagine that you are performing in front of them, looking at them with a smile.

When you do these, it build confidence inside of you, when you keep doing this time to time, you would have developed a little confidence.
You could also start practicing with a little audience, beg your close friends, at least 6 to 10 of them, tell them you want to teach them, make them act like a student, while you act like a teacher, try teach them something.
There are some time you might want to laugh back when one or two of your friends laugh at you but at that situation, you need to look strict, don’t laugh back at them.

Practice making eye contact, smiling, and initiating conversations with others. Start small by talking to people you know and gradually work your way up to meeting new people.

You are building yourself to be always serious when facing a huge crowd.
For example you were told to perform in front of your school assembly, let’s assume you have a little confidence but you don’t seem to be very serious, when performing and one of your friends smile or laugh at you, you might burst out in laughter.
That’s the main reason why you need to be very serious, when they laugh at you, don’t laugh back, try to be very serious.

2. Eye positioning.

A friend of mine shared a little secret with me about overcoming his shyness via eye positioning.
He said he loves to act dramas, whenever he is performing in front of a crowd, he doesn’t look at them straight in their eyes, instead he looks at the top of their heads.

You can also start with this, it might work for you too, with time you would be able to face people looking straight into their eyes.
You could also get involved in eye looking challenges, learn to look people into their eyes with blinking your eyes.

When you are in social situations, focus on the other person rather than yourself. Ask questions and show a genuine interest in what the other person is saying.
This really helps, it develops confidence in you making you able to face any kind of persons irrespective of gender.

3. Opposite Gender.

Some guys are very shy especially in front of ladies same with some females too.
They have this kind of feeling that if they perform and they didn’t do well the ladies might make mockery of them.
If you seem to be in this situation, the best solution is to make more female friends, when you are conversant with ladies, you aren’t afraid of performing in front of them same goes with the opposite gender(the females).

4. Group association.

It might be a group game, group reading etc.
Always try to participate in any group association, it helps overcome shyness.
For example, it could be a football game, join them in practicing, when you find yourself doing things with group of persons, you won’t have any feeling of shyness when you find yourself in a crowd.

Talk to friends or family members who can provide encouragement and support. Consider joining a support group or seeking professional help if your shyness is interfering with your daily life.

5. Composure.

This matters a lot, you should learn to always compose yourself in public.
Make sure you are always well dressed, you look smart, have a good walking steps.
One can’t be perfect but always try to be 99% perfect.

Because whenever you try performing, people will always try to find a little fault in you, that’s why having a good composure is very important.
You could practice your walking steps at home, the way you carry things e.t.c.

6. Challenge negative thoughts.

Shyness is often accompanied by negative thoughts and self-doubt. Challenge these thoughts by reminding yourself of your positive qualities and accomplishments. Don’t try to overcome your shyness all at once. Start by taking small steps, such as introducing yourself to one new person each day.


Remember, everyone experiences shyness to some degree. With practice and persistence, you can overcome shyness and build your confidence in social situations.

I hope those guidelines are useful to you, standing and performing in front of a large crowd is an achievement.
It’s an achievement in the sense that not everyone can do it.

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