Customer relationship management – 4 New Tips

When your customers are your friends, your business experiences a boost.
Your customers being your friends would make them always patronize you even when they see better offers in other places but because of their relationship with you, they would always stick with you.

This is a powerful strategy some businesses does especially small businesses which are trying to grow and this have helped their businesses.
Not all your customers can be your friends but 90 percent can be your friends.
You can’t satisfy everyone at once, but with the steps I will be explaining below, you would be able to satisfy most of your customers.

A customer satisfaction is very important for any business, if you are not pleasing them or the product and services you are selling isn’t of great value to them.

Some business experts would say that customers are always right, this is trying to prove that customers are very important.
If you follow the steps below, you would be able to make most or all of your customers your friends.

1. Communication skills.

This is one of the powerful skills business owners and workers must have, your communication with customers would have great influence in your business.
It could be positive or negative depending on your communications with them.
It is one of the reasons big companies are looking for the best workers which have great communication skills.

Whenever you are having a conversation with a customer, always give spaces for the customer to express themselves, once they are done, then you start talking.
Some customers might be stubborn and start insulting you, the best decision to make is to keep mute, let the customer finishing talking, then apologize with a soft voice.
Once the customer sees your reactions, the customer would feel guilty and might apologize immediately.

It is very possible the same customer could be your friend later.
Good communication skills is very important, if you are a business owner or worker and you don’t have the skills or probably you aren’t too good at it.

You could enroll for classes or hire someone to teach you.
If you are a business owner and you are recruiting new workers, you should try examine their communication skills.

2. Greetings and wishes.

This is part of what customers cherish the most because it makes them feel your business cares about them.
On days of seasonal celebrations, you should send your customers good wishes via email, calls or messages.
It makes customers sees your business as part of their families.
Mails you send to your customers shouldn’t be only about products or services updates, it should also be weekly or monthly greetings and wishes.

3. Customer support.

If possible depending on your business, your customer support should always be active because any of your customers might have issues anytime.
Especially if your business produces products which is being used almost everyday.
When customers are able to reach your business anytime they want to, it makes them sees your business as a very important one.

If your business have a large amount of customers, then you should hire as many workers as possible to work in the customer support department.
Customers being unable to get fast response when they have issues would make them go for other businesses which have better customer support system.

4. Surveys.

This is what big businesses use to improve their businesses.
When customers answer surveys and tell how they feel about a business products, this helps the business owners know how they can serve and improve their products.

You could create a survey via Google forms or any other software to discover what customers doesn’t like about your business products and how you can improve it.

5. Analyze customer data.

The data collected is analyzed to identify trends and patterns in customer behavior, which helps companies tailor their marketing and sales efforts to meet the specific needs of different customer segments. CRM software and other technology tools are used to automate and streamline customer interactions, track customer data, and manage customer relationships.


Effective CRM can help companies build long-lasting relationships with customers, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately increase revenue.

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