April 21, 2024

To some Nigerian residents, fashion doesn’t only mean wearing clothes, wearing jewelry, or carrying trending bags, it holds a deep meaning in their hearts. They love fashion and they are looking for the best way to stay on trend while minimizing materials. When speaking about the latest fashion trends, Nigerians can’t be disqualified. Their passion and talents for fashion is something that can’t be sidelined. We all know that fashion requires bringing together different pieces of materials and designs, however, the eco-conscious Nigerian residents are now trying their possible means to express themselves through fashion while minimising their environmental impact.


You might be wondering what I meant by expressing styles while minimising environmental impact, well this means creating fashion styles while impacting positively to the environment. If you are an eco-conscious Nigerian resident, and you need tips on how to achieve a stylish wardrobe without having it come with a huge price paid by the environment, you are in the right place. In this context, my team and I have provided you with enough information that will guide you through your journey. Sit back as we take you through this Eco-Conscious journey. 

Patronise Thrifting and Second-hand Stores

This is a huge step to take if you are truly eco-conscious. Instead of allowing these clothes to rot, why not try to purchase some. Trust me you can find quality clothes at a low price in second-hand stores. Truth be told Most of the clothes sold there have been worn before and some might have lost their quality, however as a fashionista, if you know your style you might be able to buy some junk and turn it into a new fashion trend. This means you created a new style while spending less. I encourage you to do this as it will have a great impact on the environment. And you can get clothes like this in literally all the big markets in your area.

Buy Quality Not Quantity

Instead of stacking up loads of clothes, why not buy a few quality clothes that will last you for a long time? For real I don’t see the reason for buying clothes that can only be worn one or two times while you can buy clothes that will last you for years. I’m sure Nigeria’s eco-conscious residents can understand my point here. If you are just starting your journey on this pact, take note of this tip as it will help you a lot.

Buy Classics

The fashion industries are now going back to the classics. You might have noticed that most of the trending styles nowadays have been worn like 20 to 50 years ago. Take for example baggy clothes, baggy clothes were first worn in the 90s and now they have become a trend in the fashion world. So as a fashion Eco-Conscious Nigeria resident, try as much as possible but classic clothes, and believe me they will be in Vogue for a very long time.

Purchase Natural Fabrics

Instead of buying clothes made from synthetic materials, why not buy clothes made from natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and hemp as they tend to last longer and are more comfortable? Another interesting thing about naturally made fabrics is that they are affordable, the price is stable, and it lasts longer than clothes made from synthetic materials.

Organize or participate in Cloth Swaps

Organize or participate in cloth swap expeditions. If you have friends or family members who have clothes they no longer like, you can offer them yours in exchange for the one that no longer suits them or no longer suits their taste. Of course, you might have a cousin that has lovely clothes that no longer suits them or that doesn’t suit their taste anymore. Instead of dumping them, why not offer them a swap deal? Although you might be willing to contribute to the environment through this means, it’s not advisable to collect clothes you don’t like or that don’t suit you in the name of being Eco-Conscious. However, I highly recommend this tip as it’s a good way of reducing the rate of clothes dumps.

Care For Your Clothes

No doubt a cloth that lacks proper care won’t last. As a Nigerian resident fashionista who is Eco-Conscious, you need to tend to your clothes so as to increase their lifespan. Wash them thoroughly, iron them, and keep them in a safe place. Doing this will keep the quality of your clothes and it will be of great asset during cloth swaps. If your clothes are white, wear them at most once and if you find any sticky stains on them, you can use bleach to Wash them. After washing, iron them and keep them in a dry cool place.

Invest in local brands

Not only will this help them in advertising their business, but it will also be a way to help you minimize the cost of your clothes. Clothes sewed by locals tend to be more affordable and can be easy to get. Patronizing these locals will help boost their passion for fashion and this will help increase their creativity. Another interesting thing about patronizing locals is that the clothes will be mould according to your requirements and there will be room for adjustments.

Buy Multi-Purpose Clothing

Another tip I will be sharing with you guys is buying multi-purpose clothing. You know there are actually clothes that fit in for multiple occasions, you can wear them around the house or even outside the house. Doing this will greatly reduce the quantity of your clothes. Buying a fancy dress that can only be worn to dinner outings is not Eco-Conscious. Instead of buying an outfit that’s only wearable to one location, why not buy one that is wearable to multiple locations?


Thinking about being Eco-Conscious is actually a good thing and a huge step to relieve the planet of its waste. Feel free to follow any of the above tips and if you have questions regarding any, you can hit our comment section.

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