Which type of accommodation is the best in Nigeria University.

School hostel or Off campus? Which is the best to stay in Nigeria University. Have you been thinking of the one to choose, continue reading below.
This is like a topic to debate on in the sense that both have advantages and disadvantages.

After gaining admission into the university, accommodation is the next thing to decide on. From statistics 75% always choose to stay in the school hostel rather than Off campus.
So I will be discussing about the advantages and disadvantages of both.

School hostel or Off campus? Which is the best to stay in Nigeria University.

I will be highlighting the advantages of each below

Advantages of staying in School hostel

1. Security

The university ensures that the security of students in the campus is guaranteed. Starting from the University assigning different security guards to each hostels.
Although this doesn’t guarantee 100 percent safety.

As a student living in the school hostel, if you notice any form of molestation from anyone, you could easily report to the school securities.
Unlike students staying off campus, the school doesn’t have anything to do with their safety because they are outside the school.
So students staying off campus are prone to any sort of attacks e.g. armed robbery.

2. Power supply.

This is another great advantage of staying in the school hostel, there is always constant supply of power, some university even have generator that could serve as back up Incase there is any issue with the main power supply.

In some universities, some students do protest because of lack of power supply in the school, this happen few times in a semester.
Unlike students staying off campus, if there is no power supply, students are on their own, they will source for power supply by themselves either by purchasing a generator or visiting people who have generator.

3. Mobility

Any students living in the school can move freely around the school. For example if he or she wants to go for lecture, it won’t take more than 5 to 15 mins because the lecture rooms aren’t always far from the hostel.

Unlike students who stays off campus, it might take up to 30mins before they reach the school depending on their location.
Students staying off campus tends to be late for lectures.

Staying in a school hostel provides a convenient living option as it eliminates the need to commute to school, saving time and money.

4. Privacy.

This is an advantage for students staying in off campus. Their privacy is guaranteed, No one can disturb them in their rooms unlike school hostel where 8 or more people share a room.

Also people living in school hostel share the same toilets and bathroom, unlike people who lives off campus that they have a toilet and bathroom assigned to only one person.

5. Improved academic performance.

Staying in a school hostel can help improve academic performance, as it provides a conducive environment for studying and reduces distractions from external factors. This does not mean that students that stays off-campus won’t have good grades, it all still point to exam preparation.

6. Socialization.

Staying in a school hostel provides the opportunity to interact with other students, make friends, and build social skills. Exposure to different cultures: School hostels often house students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, which provides an opportunity to learn and appreciate different cultures.

Staying in a school hostel can help students develop independence and responsibility, as they are required to manage their own living space and take care of their needs.


Although I didn’t write all the advantages and disadvantages, if you are a student, you could tell me what to add in the comment box.
If you also have any contribution, kindly add it in the comment box.

So the answer is which is the best, as for me staying in school hostel is the best, I don’t know of yours. It just depends on how well you can adapt to any environment.

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