April 21, 2024

Trust me Starting your professional career journey in Nigeria comes with hindrance and challenges. There are some times when you will feel like you are doing everything wrong and you will be willing to give up. Do you know why it’s like this? Well it’s because there is no smooth road to success. You need to face the challenges and come back stronger, don’t relent and be determined to Achieve that goal. If the road becomes tough, be tough. If it becomes hard, be hard. These are words you will learn from a mentor and professionals with years of experience. Not only will they give you words of encouragement, they will also give you ideas on how to succeed in your career journey. 

It’s important to seek the intervention of professionals when starting a career part, why is this? Well with years of experience, they will be able to provide you with aids on how to avoid the obstacles and hindrances they faced during their career journey. In regard to this, it’s important to stay close to them and don’t hesitate to make them your mentor. 

What’s Networking?

Networking is the process of interacting and building a relationship with professionals in your field. The objective of networking with professionals is to seek help and advice during your times of need. They tend to motivate and give you guidance on how to overcome the hindrances in your field of work.  With the experience gained over their working years, it’s no exaggeration to say that professionals have literally passed through the ups and downs of their profession. You as a noob, you don’t know anything about what is to come, how to avoid them and the solution to overcome. But with the intervention of a professional mentor, the road ahead becomes smooth and easier.

How To Build A Network Of Mentors And Industry Professionals In Nigeria

  • Mentorship platforms: There are Several online platforms that are created for the sole purpose of connecting individuals seeking mentorship with potential mentors. Visit one of these sites and connect with a mentor that is in line with your profession. You can also check social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook or other job boards that offer this kind of service.
  • Attend industry events: Attending job Conferences, seminars, fairs are excellent ways to build your mentorship network. Attending these programs will allow you to meet with professionals in your field. When you meet a professional you will like to make your mentor,  introduce yourself, tell them your plans about making them your mentor and make sure you don’t blow your chance.
  • Reach out to your professional network: This is one of the best ways to network with professionals. Talk with your senior colleagues in the same line of profession and express your feelings about wanting to be their mentee. You can also look for contacts of former professors, or past colleagues who are known for their contributions for the company. Some of Them might be willing to serve as your mentor while some might connect you with people who are willing to take in mentess.

Benefits Of Building A Network Of Mentors And Industry Professionals In Nigeria

  • Guidance and Support: This is the main role of a Mentor. They offer invaluable advice which can help you scale through your challenges, and they also  provide career direction which can be a great boost to your career journey. Their guidance and support often entails their  experiences and insights which can serve as a great guide to you when you are trying to make decisions.
  • Job Opportunities: Mentors and industry professionals can connect you with their colleagues who are in need of employees. Since they are recommending you, you get a higher chance of securing the job.
  • Professional Growth: Networking with industry professionals and experienced individuals is a good way of improving your personal growth.
  • Boost your knowledge and skills: Another benefit of building a network of mentors and industry professionals in Nigeria Is that it helps in boosting your knowledge and skills. With professionals surrounding you, you will get to learn from their experiences which can really help to gain practical knowledge to excel in your field.
  • Navigate challenges: With the guidance Received from your mentors, you will be able to navigate through professional obstacles easily. 

Having a mentor will help you gain a upper hand in the Nigeria’s competitive professional environment. With your mentor guiding and Putting you through, it’s only a matter of time before you turn into a professional 

Tips On How To Build A Mentorship And Industry Professional Relationship In Nigeria

After meeting with professionals and potential mentors, you need to deduce a means on how to make them accept you as their mentee. Below are some of the tips on how you can make this happen. 

  • Be Professional: You should know that your relationship with them is work related only, don’t interfere in their personal lifestyle or burden them with your personal matters.
  • Be Respectful: Don’t disregard them, make sure you talk to them with absolute respect. Even if they are below your age or older than you by a few years,  don’t forget you are trying to learn from them. Treat them like a teacher and always say thank you.
  • Do your research: Before asking them to be your mentor, make sure you do research about the individual. Make research about their expertise, their level of professionalism and whether they are interested in taking a mentee or not.
  • Maintain consistent communication: Don’t just contact them when you need their help or advice, call to check up on them, or contact them through emails. 


Building A Network Of Mentors And Industry Professionals Is actually a good way to boost your career advancement journey in Nigeria, the benefits that come with meeting people who have more understanding about your career pact is simply overwhelming. You get to ask them questions, seek advice, and also benefit from their vast influence in the professional word. 

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