April 22, 2024

For somebody in their 30s, work-life balance seems like a dream they would never have. And why is this? Give or take, a person in their 30s is expected to have a job and a family. Imagine the need to work several hours to cater to your family, and the need to show your family some affection while you are off work. It’s almost impossible to get your own me time where you will be alone doing stuff that makes you happy and not try to do stuff that makes others happy.

Although 30s seems to be one the most important stages in life whereby you need a sustainable job and at the same time make your own family. However you shouldn’t make this about work and family alone, you need to create time to fulfil some of your personal aims. To do this, you need to establish what is called Work-Life Balance. What is Work-Life Balance and how do you achieve one? Don’t worry everything will be revealed in this content. Although establishing Work-Life Balance in your 30s might seem almost impossible for you, however with the tips provided in this guide I’m sure you will see a ray of hope.

What Is Work-Life Balance?

This is the process of working diligently and still creating a special time for your personal commitments. This process involved maximising your efforts in your profession and also your personal commitments. To achieve this, you need to pay attention and manage your time and energy. Dedicate enough time to your work, and don’t refuse yourself from having a piece of life. With a Work-Life Balance achieved, not only will you have time to work and meet up with your schedules, but you will also have time to spend with your family.

Is Work-life Balance Achievable?

Of course, it is. With the right planning, you will have the time to work and also time to do what you like. If you think work-life balance is not achievable, I guess I will have to prove you wrong in this context. Just give the tips I will be sharing soon a trial and I promise you will change your decision.

 If it’s left to me to decide, I will say most people don’t have a work-life balance maybe due to the nature of their job and also their employers. 

According to the statistics set out by the Mental Health Foundation, the results state that when working long hours 27% of employees feel depressed, 34% feel anxious and 58% feel irritable. It’s almost impossible to have a work-life balance if your job requires you to work for extra hours, or your job doesn’t have flexible working hours or your employer is the type that asks too much of their employees by asking them to take work home. With these inconveniences, how can you have a work-life balance?

Tips For Finding Work-Life Balance In Your 30s

Work Smarter, Not Harder

For a work-life balance, you need to take this point seriously. Work smarter not harder in the sense that you follow schedules and stick to your work time. Don’t take jobs outside your working hours and don’t attend unstructured meetings that take a lot of your time and by the end of the day, you benefit nothing. Also, don’t sleep less, make sure you sleep at the right time and get enough sleep. Trust me you will have lesser results if you doze during work hours. So pay attention to your schedules, don’t take jobs outside your working hours, and don’t attend unnecessary meetings or gatherings all in the name of making an appearance. 

Assess Your Priorities

It’s best to be aware of your priorities, take note of your top priorities, and also be ready to compromise. Put in high regard for your priorities and by no means should you put them above your non top priorities. Ask yourself questions like What really matters to me? Is this the right thing to do? Is it okay to compromise this for that? Am I devoting enough time to my goals? Do I have enough time for myself? After asking yourself this question, your answer will unlock some things about you and you will be well aware of your work-life balance situation.

Take Breaks

Another step you need to take to achieve a work-life balance is by taking breaks. Don’t work during lunch breaks, leaves, or holidays. Breaks should be the time to leave everything related to work and have me time. During holidays, spend time with your family and do stuff you like. Absent from anything related to work and have fun.

Embrace Boundaries

To achieve a work-life balance, you need to Set boundaries between work and personal life. Don’t work after working hours and don’t play during working hours. With boundaries set, you won’t have to do stuff outside your schedules.

Seek flexibility

Tell your manager you need flexible working hours, and If possible, find work with shift or remote jobs where you can work from the comfort of your house. Flexible working hours give you control over your schedules and with you in control, setting aside time for yourself and your family will be easier.

Things To Avoid To Achieve A Work-Life Balance

  • Avoid Constant Overwork: Don’t take jobs outside your working hours, prioritise your breaks and holidays
  • Avoid Burnouts: work pressure can lead to physical and mental stress, and these two will eventually lead to burnout.
  • Don’t mix business with pleasure and don’t miss pleasure with business: This implies that don’t slack during your working hours and don’t work during your breaks.


Don’t forget that you can’t achieve a work-life balance in a day, you need to do experiments, gather information about your job, and take note of your schedules. This information will let you work out what’s best for you and also will let you know the time you have for your personal commitments and the time you have for your professional career. 

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