How to Build a Strong Support System in your 20s

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If you are in your early 20s, then the best time to build a support system has got to be now. The time and era for having just friends is over. A good and strong support system would be very essential in all of the things you will set to achieve as you continue to grow.

One might ask, “what is a support system?” A support system is basically a relationship with the purpose of networking. That’s right. This network of people in your support system are there to aid you with different kinds of supports. 

Dear reader, do well to keep this at the back of your mind; A support system is different from a normal friendship! Most people would argue that they are practically the same thing, but this is very wrong. A support system is different from a friend. However, a support system can include a friend. Family members, peers, and also colleagues can also be support systems.

Often times, some individuals are tempted to ask why one needs a support system. There are lots of reasons for building a support system, below are some of the many reasons.

Emotional Support

Having a strong Support System can be very essential for your mental health. According to a certain survey, feelings of social isolation are on the rise.

And since it can be difficult at times to make new friends, having support systems can be very helpful in situations like this.

If you have a go-to person any time you are feeling emotionally down, and you always feel better after having a talk with this said person, then it is safe to say that he/she is a strong support system in your life.

Financial Support

Not everyone is aware of this, but at times a strong support is one that helps financially as well.

There are different types of supports. They include: emotional support, informational support, and instrumental support. When a support system helps with finances in times of need, he/she has simply practiced instrumental support.

This right here, is another reason one should build a strong support system.

Business Support

A strong support system can also be very helpful in affairs pertaining to business. Whether you are an entrepreneur or you work for/with other people, a support system can be essential to you when you have challenges and hurdles in your business.

Having cleared readers on some of the reasons why everyone needs a strong support system, let’s now educate you on how to build a strong support system in your 20s. As it can be very helpful to you.

A lot of folks get to realize that they need a strong support system, but they get to realize this at a later period in their life. And as for those who got to know this hack in their early 20s, this brought about many lovely advantages.

Below are different ways on how to build a strong support system in your 20s.

Nurture Relationships

One very brilliant way to build a strong support system in your 20s, is to nurture your relationships. Make the relationships better. How do you do this? By reaching out more often, dedicating your time to the relationships, and communicating honestly.

This will definitely help strengthen your relationship with your support system.

Nurturing relationships helps avoid strains in your support network. It is a very important step that shouldn’t be overlooked. Ensure to keep this at the back of your mind at all times.

Offer Support in Return

You cannot keep receiving and never giving. This is definitely not how to build a strong support system. To build a strong support system in your 20s, you must learn to always offer support in return, especially when it is needed. This makes you just as useful as your support network.

If your support system notices that you are not so supporting, this makes it one-sided and chances are that it may not be a long lasting relationship in the end.

What this simply means is that, you should be ready to also give support to all those who give it to you.

Expand your Circle

When you expand your circle, you get to meet new people. And in doing so, you also get to create new relationships. This can be very beneficial when it comes to building a strong support system in your 20s.

Bear in mind that, when expanding your circle you should probably consider only folks that do things you do and care about. Not the opposite of things you like and like to do.

For instance, if you place chess a lot then you should allow in chess players into your circle, not checkers players.

You get the drill, right?


Diversify your Support System

Another very smart way to build a strong support system in your 20s is by diversification. How can you do this? You can easily achieve this by building relationships with people of diverse backgrounds. People of different skills can help to enrich your support system and provide valuable insights and assistance.

Diversifying your support system will help in so many unimaginable ways, especially when you decide to dive into fields that you are not very familiar with.

There are so many other ways to go about building a strong support system in your 20s, but the few listed above are some of the most important ones to take note of.


In Conclusion 

Building a strong support system at a young age can never be over-emphasized. It is very necessary, and would be of great help in the future that lies ahead. So dedicate your time and energy into building support systems, it can never be a waste of time.

Also when you think about it, there is almost no disadvantage of having a strong support system. Jokes on whoever said “everything has advantages and disadvantages.”

Thanks for reading to the of this writeup. Hope you learnt a thing or two.

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