7 Qualities to give out on your first day at work in Nigeria

Do you know that just getting employed for a job doesn’t mean you have finally reached the position?
This looks confusing, right? I will explain the reason now.
Have other employees in the company accepted you? If they don’t take you, they could give you a hard time in the company.
But if they accept you, things will go smoothly for you in the company.
So I will be explaining some essential things you must do on the first day of work in the company you are being employed.

1. Punctuality.

This is very important, and you must try to reach your place of work before other employees.
This would make them see your eagerness and seriousness for the job.
If your house is very far from your place of work, I would advise you to leave your home as early as possible to avoid any form of delay.

2. First Impression.

Think of it, if you visit any place and seem very angry, the way people would see you is as an evil person.
It is not their fault, though, but their first impression of you made them assume you might be a wicked person.
So on the first day of your work, try to look very happy and confident even if you might have met up with something which might change your mood or make you angry.
Remember, other employees’ first impression of you would determine what they think of you, so your mood should be utterly different from bad.
Put on a smile if possible. That could even make them like you the more.

3. Dressing.

You should make sure that anything you put on your body that day must be unique, starting from your head to your leg.
Ensure your clothing is well ironed and your shoes are well polished.
If you are a lady, you could put on light make-up to give your face a little boost.
Try to find any minor fault in your dressing and fix it immediately before going to the place of work.

Dress appropriately for the workplace and maintain a professional demeanor in your interactions with colleagues.

4. Respect.

Starting from the security guards to the company Chief executive officer, you need to show respect to them irrespective of their age or rank because you are trying to tell them that you are humble.

Maintain a positive attitude, even in the face of challenges. This will help you build positive relationships with your colleagues and contribute to a positive workplace culture.
Remember that respect is reciprocal. If you respect them, they respect you too.
And that also would make them like you.

5. Introduce yourself properly.

Before the company introduces you to all their staff, you could try to introduce yourself to some of your co-workers.
The introduction doesn’t mean to be 100 percent formal. Tell them your name, nickname, where you recently worked, e.t.c.

Show a willingness to work collaboratively with your colleagues and demonstrate your ability to contribute to team goals.

6. Seek Advice.

This is very important to avoid any mistake, and you should meet your nearest co-worker ask them to brief you on the everyday routine and some critical things to know about the company.

Show enthusiasm for learning about the company, its culture, and your role within it. Ask questions and seek feedback to demonstrate your willingness to learn and grow.
You could even make friends with other staff on that day exchange numbers because you would need additional help someday.

7. Tell staff to work you through the company surroundings.

This is also important to adapt quickly to the system.
Although depending on how big the company is, you should tell staff to take you around and show you some offices, rooms, toilets e.t.c.
There might be some restricted part of the company which you shouldn’t visit, so it’s essential you know everything to avoid any future mistakes.

Be flexible and adaptable to changes in your job duties or work environment. This will demonstrate your ability to be a valuable asset to the team. Show a commitment to quality work by paying attention to detail and ensuring that your work meets or exceeds expectations.


Remember, the qualities you give out on your first day at work are important, but they are just the beginning. It’s important to maintain these qualities and continue to demonstrate your professionalism and commitment to your job over time.

I hope these Guidelines help you through your first day at work.
If you follow these steps, you will find favor from both the staff and the senior officers.

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