April 22, 2024

Lagos, popularly known by its slogan, “Center of Excellence” is the largest city in Nigeria by the number of people in it, and these millions of people come from different ethnicities, speaking different languages. 

This unique attribute of Lagos makes it a very suitable place to learn and master a new language despite the fact that though a Yoruba state, the common language is English. Whether you’re a Nigerian originally from another State working in Lagos or you are a foreigner in Nigeria living and working in Lagos, the possibility of learning a new language in Lagos is high due to certain reasons which will be discussed below. 

Why Learn a New Language in Lagos 

By learning a new language in Lagos, you stand the chance of enhancing your career as Lagos is a place of opportunities. You can get job opportunities as a translator in public places or for foreigners who are very new to the city, work as a language tutor or even work in places where those languages are prioritized. Additionally, learning a new language in Lagos, especially Yoruba gives you the advantage of having a deeper understanding with the predominant tribe in Lagos. By speaking the language, you can relate with them more plainly than those who don’t speak the language. This also applies for other languages being spoken in Lagos too. 

One more reason why learning a new language in Lagos is advantageous is that it allows people from all over the world to connect easily with the mixed culture in the city. Understanding an additional language in Lagos will make you appreciate that language as your own and foster peaceful coexistence among Lagosians.

Moreover, acquiring new language helps keep the mind sharp and slows down brain aging as the mind keeps expanding. Language acquisition has been known to exercise the brain and sharpen it, so even if you are comfortable with your original language, this last reason can convince you on why you should learn a new language in a place as opportunity-centric as Lagos.

Where to Learn New Languages in Lagos

Choosing a place to learn a new language in Lagos can be challenging if you don’t have the necessary information. In general, it depends on a number of factors which includes, budgets, goals, time  and the specific place you stay in Lagos. 

In this section, I’d digress more into this aspect to enable you to know where you can learn whatever language you wish. 

University Courses

Depending on your goals, you might choose to take up a degree in any of the available languages in a Lagos based university. For instance, if you want to be a language tutor or a professional translator, you can apply for admission and get a university degree in whatever language you choose to study. 

  • The University of Lagos(UNILAG) A federal university in Lagos. 
  • Augustine University, a Catholic University.
  • Pan-Atlantic University, a private University
  • Lagos State University(LASU), a University owned by the Lagos State Government.

They are all Universities in Lagos that offer language as a study. 

Institutes of Language Learning

Aside from  universities, there are other places where one can learn a new language in Lagos, especially foreign languages. These institutions are partners with bodies of learning and even universities making them credible in delivering quality language learning in their students. 

Some of them include:

  • Alliance Francaise, an institute dedicated to helping students all over the world learn French.
  • Goethe Institute, specializes in the teaching of German. 
  • Confucius Institute. They are affiliated with the University of Lagos and offer tutoring in Mandarin Chinese. 

Private Language Schools

Some private individuals set up schools dedicated to learning new languages and even conventional schools teach different languages to their students. So, even if you didn’t go to a secondary School in Lagos that offers foreign languages as part of its curriculum and you don’t wish to acquire degree level knowledge in such a language. You can enroll in a private language school like: EF Education First, Inlingua, Berlitz, etc. However, bear in mind that these Private Language Schools are specially dedicated and offer exclusive studies so they are very expensive to register and should only be seen as an option if you are looking for advancement in your language learning. 

For instance, taking a course on EF Education costs from $38000 to $60000. 

Language Apps and Online Courses

There are lots of language softwares and online tutorials that one can take. This is especially helpful to people whose work is ingrained into the busy lifestyle of Lagos and can’t spare our time for physical learning. These apps and courses are usually self paced offering flexibility that is well suited for typical Lagos lifestyle. 

  • Duolingo
  • Babbel 
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Beelinguapp
  • edX

These apps and courses have both free and paid versions, so it’s ideal to go for the one that suits your budget. 

Why Lagos is the Perfect Place for Language Learning 

Learning a new language can be a rewarding endeavor that opens doors to new opportunities, and connections. Of all the places in Nigeria, when it comes to acquiring a new language and practicing it at the same time, Lagos stands out as the best choice. It has all that is needed to learn and master a new language. 

It is virtually impossible for one to have lived in Lagos for long without understanding or having learned a new language due to the dynamic and diverse population of the city. Here are some of the top reasons why Lagos is ideal when it comes to learning a new language to expand your horizon.

Incredibly diverse population

Lagos being a former capital of Nigeria is really diverse as technically every tribe and ethnicity can be found there and as such, these people who have come from different places still speak their language while interacting with others. Learning a new language even if you’re not proficient in it gives you the ability to easily interact with the diversity of the people in Lagos.

In Lagos, you can hear multiple languages daily

Due to how Lagos is structured, people from everywhere are present in Lagos and these people connect with their fellow tribesmen speaking their language even in public places. Because of this, it is not uncommon for Lagosians to hear different languages being spoken daily. 

The average Lagosian is exposed to more varieties of languages in their lifetime than people living in other parts of Nigeria. With this in place, Lagos stands out as the best place to easily learn a new language even without formal tutoring. Merely listening to people across different ethnicities converse in their language is enough for one to pick up basic things in these languages.

Cultural immersion opportunities everywhere

As a city with diverse people, they tend to bring their culture with them. As a matter of fact, this has led to an argument on who actually owns Lagos due to the immersion of different cultures into the city.

As a result of this, other people can participate in these cultural activities and bond with other cultures, establishing a spirit that promotes cultural tolerance. This makes it easier for an easterner living in Lagos to participate in the cultural activity of a northern also living in Lagos. 

English as a common denominator

Lagos is one of the few states in Nigeria where English is widely spoken. Despite the fact that the official lingua franca of Nigeria is English, many states still speak the language that is owned by the ethnic community dominating that state. 

For instance, in a state like Oyo, Yoruba is still widely spoken freely, even in some official places, but in a place like Lagos, English is the common and widely spoken language making it a top choice for people migrating there to easily adapt and with time, learn other languages. 

Wrap Up 

Choosing the right location for the learning of a new language is crucial as language is location based, and Lagos fulfills all the criteria for the best place one can learn any new language of one’s choice easily. Though, going to a place where that language is dominant is a good idea, but in Lagos, the diversity allows one to choose any language of their choice and even learn more than two languages. 

Whatever the person’s goals and objectives are in learning a new language, either for trading, making new relationships or even for rendering professional services, Lagos is the ideal place. Whatever your goals are, you can simply use the guide on where to learn and take the step now. More also, it is important you learn a new language as a Lagosian. The benefits are tremendous.

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