Ultimate Guidelines on choosing a good Mentor in Nigeria

It isn’t everyone we can make our mentor.
Although that does not mean we will not learn from each other, I do not assume anyone knows everything. That is why I will not advise on learning from one person; we instead learn from a different set of individuals.

When choosing individuals as mentors, there are some unique qualities you must look out for that differentiate them from others.
Everybody won’t be the same in terms of character. Some appear to have an evil character, and we cannot follow or learn from such a person.
It would be best to not concentrate on trendy people when choosing a mentor because intelligent persons with good characters haven’t become popular. They do not want to show themselves for a few different reasons.

The truth is that you will connect with the right person if you’re serious and you appear to be social.
Being social doesn’t mean you must be simply popular; however, you must be ready to study and influence people.
When you continue like this, you will connect with the right people even though it’d take time, and you might even be surprised who the person may be. However, that should not be a big problem because your focus should be on what they tell you to succeed.
Famous mentors became popular due to the number of persons who saw their worth or have seen the excellent work such persons have done; however, that does not offer justice to picking the right person to follow.

In this article, I’d be explaining some qualities you must examine before selecting a mentor to follow the steps to become important.
You can’t succeed by yourself, and you need support and recommendation from family, friends, and different intelligent persons.

1. Their character.

The 1st factor I’d advise you to check out is their character; before choosing a mentor, you should be careful if such a person has a bad feeling.
You wouldn’t wish to create somebody with dangerous characters as a mentor.
There area unit some that it might be troublesome for you to discover their true character that’s why it’s forever sensible to wait once selecting a mentor.
That person whom you think is good might be deceitful.

2. Their achievements.

Look out for their past works and action, check if they need significantly influence the lives of a large group of individuals.
For example, motivational speakers tend to become very popular because they will undoubtedly greatly influence many individuals with their teachings.
Likewise, a coach they don’t have to be compelled to begin telling people to try to testify because their results are well known.
It’s essential to choose somebody who has been giving quality knowledge to people for a very long time due to this set of persons to tend to be forever intimate with and that they would be ready to tell you the right ways to become famous.

3. Do they have free time?

This is very important, and not everyone would have free time; thus, selecting somebody to be your mentor, try to make sure if they might exceptionally be having time for you or most likely they might fix a specific time for you.
There set of busy persons who will not even have time for you in person. They approach such persons may well facilitate you if you check their past lectures or advice that have either been documented in a very book or on their social media handles.
It is sensible to settle with somebody you’ll get in touch with whenever you wish to reach out to. I discussed earlier that it does not need to be incredibly in style.
Although there are some mentors, you have to attend their seminars and programs to be told from them.

4. Do they give Quality Advice to People?

Some people call themselves motivational speakers, and everything they do is to repeat different persons’ quotes. They begin quoting it for people, giving all the credits to themselves.
It might be hard to know during this kind of class; however, you’ll understand through their characters that you’d know somebody who fakes it through approaching the act with people.

And most of these people are proud. People who respect people do not have to be compelled to brag or show themselves; instead, people acknowledge them for who they’re.
A true mentor should be ready to offer quality tips and significantly influence people’s lives.
A true mentor would forever attempt to develop people who would be a lot more intelligent than themselves and be ready to impact people’s lifetime significantly.

They would be trying to find intelligent youths to require below them and train them to become self-made to pass the knowledge to the next generation.

As I discussed earlier, you really would like somebody to guide you through on the journey of success, and it may well be anyone, even your close friends.
You can have many people as a mentor; however, they must be having a significant impact on your life.

5. Take initiative.

Remember that finding a good mentor is only the first step. You also need to take initiative and be proactive in the mentoring relationship. Be open to feedback and advice, and take action on the recommendations your mentor provides.

A mentor-mentee relationship is a personal one, and it’s important to find someone who you feel comfortable with and can communicate effectively with. Seek out someone who you share common interests with and whose personality meshes well with your own.


By following these tips, you can increase your chances of finding a good mentor who can help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential.


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