April 21, 2024

When searching for a job in Nigeria, there are regularly two stages involved. The first stage is where you will be required to submit your certificates and other necessary documents, while the second stage involves going for an interview. During the certificate submission stage, you will be required to submit your school certificate which can be a diploma, a degree or perhaps your master’s. 

We are now in a modernized world, so not only can interviews be done physically, but also virtually. During a physical interview, you will be asked questions concerning the position you are applying for and maybe some current affairs. However the goal is not just for you to answer all the questions correctly, your attitude, behavior, confidence and appearance will also be evaluated. So when going for a physical interview, make sure you are fully prepared. 

When Preparing for a virtual interview, your first impression definitely matters a lot, be sure to appear decent and make sure your environment is tidy. Actually there is no big difference between physical and virtual interview, just that physical requires you to be there while virtual is done online. Let’s talk more about how virtual interviews work in the next paragraph. 

What Is A Virtual Interview

A virtual interview is an interview usually done remotely through a video conference call or on online platforms that support video calls. The main point is that you won’t have to appear physically as they can simply be done either on your phone, laptop or any other device as long as it supports video calls. 

In today’s world, not all jobs require you to resume in a company and start engaging in physical work. There are jobs you can do from the comfort of your home without having to visit the company head office, these jobs are called remote jobs and they don’t require a physical job interview.  Another instance where a virtual interview could be done is when the job location is far from where you stay. Your employees might consider this and decide to conduct a virtual interview for you.

How To Prepare For A Virtual Interview

Interviews involve employers asking job applicants questions, so you need to train your confidence and be well prepared. Firstly it starts with them asking you to introduce yourself, and then it proceeds to them asking you about your educational achievements, and then finally asking you questions regarding the position you’re applying for.  During this process, you need to showcase a high level of confidence and make them see the reasons why you are mostly suitable for the job position. 

To excel in a virtual interview, you need to be well prepared and make sure you eliminate all flaws. How do you do this? You can find out in the next section of this guide.

Tips On How To Prepare For A Virtual Interview

Under this section, you will get to know the various things you need to put into consideration before your virtual interview commences. Don’t Take these tips lightly and be sure to make use of them.

Inspect Your Computer

Although you can take the interview on your smartphone, I recommend you use your computer because of wide camera coverage and for a steady Internet connectivity. If you will be using your computer, ensure your camera is working perfectly, you have a stable internet connection, the software you will be using for the video call is updated and free of glitches, your microphone is in perfect condition, and finally your battery is well charged. Also remember to have a back up plan for all these features to avoid disappointment and make sure you put them to test before commencing the interview.

Prepare Your Virtual Environment

Since the interview is remotely done, you will be the one to select your virtual environment. When selecting a place for the Interview, make sure you are using a place with proper lighting and a well presentable background. Look for a location near the window where a ray of light can penetrate so as to make the video more feasible and less blurry. Also don’t forget you need a table to place your computer for a steady camera range and also a comfortable chair so as to relax your back and feel comfortable. Speaking of backgrounds, you can use places with plain backgrounds and make sure that all feasible distractions are cleared out.

Silence Distractions

Since the interview will be done in your home, make sure you eliminate all distractions.  Whether it’s sound distractions, or somebody interrupting you during the call. Sound distractions give a bad impression about you and this can cause you to lose points. If you have kids or friends in the house, caution them to maintain an absolute silence and tell them to either switch off all electric  appliances or perhaps zero there sound level. You on the other hand need to put your phone away or put it in silence. I recommend you put it away cause some notifications can be distracting.

Dress Professionally

First impressions matter a lot in interviews. Virtual interviewers most especially take note of the way you dress and also your level of confidence. To ace a virtual interview, don’t just wear random clothes, dress Professionally and don’t forget to use a perfectly matched necktie.

Tips On How To Excel In A Virtual Job Interview

  • Make a good first impression
  • Practice overhead 
  • Prepare Your Own Questions
  • Anticipate Common Questions
  • Be Confident
  • Maintain eye contact through the camera
  • Tell them about your accomplishments
  • Talk about your experience


By following the above tips and guidelines, surely you will excel in your virtual interviews. As stated above, amidst the things you need to take note off are your virtual background, your emotions, your dressings and also your device. Make sure your device is free of glitches or anything that can cause a break in transmission, and be sure to get rid of all distractions. Lastly, stay focused and believe in yourself.

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