6 working Freelancing Tips towards getting more jobs in Nigeria {2023}

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You are an expert in your field with awesome skills but you aren’t seeing clients to work for, in this article, I will expose different ways to find more clients as a freelancer.
You might be a freelancer with few or more skills but not getting clients to work for.

Not all freelancer can be employed, I can say the more professionals and the lucky ones were employed because they were lucky to find clients to hire them.
As a skillful freelancer, practice makes you more perfect and professional, you must be willing to solve different problems.

Problems arises almost everyday and your skills are needed, but how can clients or business reach out to you to solve their problems.
I will showing you different method you could reach a lot of clients who would hire you for a long or short time deal.

1. Keep your certificate updated.

Your certificate shows your qualifications for different skills, certificate isn’t given only when you graduate from an institution, it is also given when you complete a skill.
Your certificate needs to be updated so as to make you find job faster.

Upload all your important documents which contains your certificate, resume e.t.c, to a safe online file directory, you could make use of google drive.
Always make your certificate ready incase you get an urgent job.

2. Make use of social media.

Social media is a faster way of getting clients to work for, especially LinkedIn which connects business specialist for different fields together.
LinkedIn is one of the best way to connect to business which might be willing to hire you, all you need to do is to set up your profile, look very professional, add a very nice picture, you could also add a link to your resume on your profile so that anyone who visits your profile will have access to see all your qualifications.

You could also follow different business, freelancers like you, join groups.
This will create a lot of opportunities for you.

Facebook is one of the best places to reach out to clients who might want to hire you.
The best way to do this is to join different business and digitals groups.
You could be posting your skills, give a great offer e.g. a discount, businesses looking for specialist to hire would be able to reach you.

3. Join Freelancing websites.

There are some websites which create a marketplace in which a freelancer could sign up as a seller(ready to be hired) or sign up as buyer(looking for people to hire).
There are different marketplace which I would be listing below.

Top 2 freelancing websites.


Fiverr is a very popular marketplace which have thousands of freelancers ready to be hired and hundred of thousands of individual and businesses looking for freelancers to hire.

All you need to do is sign up, update your profile, create an attractive gigs with descriptive photos attachments, add your tag price.
Whenever you are creating a gig, make sure you check out other top freelancers gigs, study how they did their own, follow their steps to create yours.

The way you present your gigs determine how fast you get people to buy your gig.
Always try to please your customers so they can leave a good review and recommendation for you.
Gigs with a lot of positive reviews and ratings gets more clicks than gigs with few reviews.


Upwork is one of the best marketplace to find people to hire you.
Getting jobs on Upwork isn’t easy as fiverr because individuals and businesses post jobs then freelancers have to submit proposals in which one or two are picked for the job.

It isn’t quite easy but you can always get selected for jobs when you have a very professional profile, submit an attractive and convincing proposals.
There are other freelancing websites which you can search for on Google.

4. Ask for recommendations.

The mistake some freelancers does is that after completing a job for a client, they don’t ask for recommendations.
If you want to get more clients, request for recommendations from both old and new clients, tell them to always refer you to their friends and family.
This will help you get more clients to work with in the future.

5. Advertisement.

This is a very popular of reaching a lot of people, making them know what you are offering them.
You could make use of Facebook or Google ads to reach out to potential individuals and businesses which may be willing to hire you.
Make sure your advertisement is giving a well detailed explanation about you and services you offers.

6. Apply for jobs online.

There are different portals online in which jobs are being posted daily.
Make a proper research, fish out the legit job posting websites, submit your resume or contact them.
You could apply on many websites as possible, this creates more job opportunities for you.

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