April 21, 2024

Not everybody knows how to express their feelings with words, some people rather prefer to express how they feel through body language and affections. If you are not good with your words and you really wanna tell your partner how you feel, then you are in the right place. In this context, I will be providing you with details on how to express your affection without having to use any cheesy words.

Not being able to express how you feel through words is mostly common in Nigerian men. They believe that instead of telling you how much they love you, they can just buy you a gift and the more expensive the gift is the more love they have for you. However this is not true. Not all women want expensive gifts or expensive dates, all they want from you is telling them how you feel about them and showing them you care, adore and love them. 

If you think your partner is not good with expressing their feelings with words, bookmark this content and show them. And trust me you will see changes. Now enough with the idle chit chat, let’s get down to business. 

What Is A Love Language

For some of our readers who are new to the Phrase “Love Language”, it simply means showing affection to your partner. It is a  way which individuals express and interpret love.  If you are good at using love languages, then expressing your love and affection to your partner will be an easy task. 

According to Gary Chapman, he outlined the five main categories of love language to be Words of affirmation,acts of service, receiving gifts: , quality time, and Physical touch. More information regarding this will be revealed in the next section. 

Types Of Love Languages

1. Words of affirmation

For some people, telling them kind words, complimenting them , and using verbal expressions of love hold immense value in their heart. Sweet nothings, words of encouragement, and genuine appreciation make them feel cherished.

Some people actually cherish verbal expressions, hearing the sound of “I Love You” melts their heart. They enjoy being showered with praises,  words of gratitude and vocal encouragement. If your partner is one of the people that likes this stuff,  don’t hesitate to say it frequently. This is a good way to promote the affection in your relationship. 

2. Quality Time

Some people tend to crave for undivided attention, they enjoy when their partners disregard all distractions to  connect with them whether through deep conversations or engaging in fun activities. With this, the love grows and they will realize the weight of your affection for them.

3. Acts of Service

For Some people, nothing beats showing your affection for them through actions. They prefer you to showcase your feelings for them rather than telling them.  If your partner is like this, you can simply show them love and affection by helping them in their day to day chores like running errands, cooking a meal, or offering a massage. Doing this makes them feel special and promotes affection in the relationship.

4. Receiving Gifts

This is mostly applicable to female partners. Buy them gifts even if the day is not special. Don’t only buy them gifts on their birthday, Valentine or during your anniversary, go out and buy them gifts irrespective of the day. Normally they would expect you to buy them gifts during special days , but they will be more amazed find it more if the gifts come on a random day. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant gift, a hand picked flower or a card should do the trick. And if you have the financial capabilities, take her to a good vacation spot, buy her jewelry or even take her shopping. 

Trust me It’s not about buying them a gift, but the thoughtfulness behind the gesture. Without having to use words, this is a good love language to express your affection towards them.

5. Physical Touch

Physical Touch is a very good way to express your your feelings towards your partner. Physical closeness, hugs, kisses, and appropriate forms of touch are essential and tend to make some people feel special.

At times expressing  love to your partner isn’t always about expensive vacation, gifts or dinner, spending quality time and showing affection towards them is enough. Watch and observe the love affection your partner cherishes most and don’t deny them of it.

How To Express Affection To Your Partner In Nigeria 

To express affection to your partner, you need to first determine the love language they like most. Perform experiments and observe to see wether they prefare physical touch, receiving gifts or perhaps spending quality time with them.

Here are some tips on how to express affection to your partner:

  • Observe how they express love to you: Does your partner compliment you a lot? If yes that means their love language is words of affirmation. Do they like touching you or kissing and hugging you, this implies your partner prefare physical touch as her love language. And if they like giving you gifts, then their love language is gifts sharing. Ones you are able to determine what their love language is, then you can try immitating them.
  • Pay close attention to what they appreciate and always do it for them.
  • Ask questions about what they feel about love languages and which they prefare.
  • Experiments by trying different love languages. 

By making good use of the above tips, understanding your partner love language won’t be a problem.


Trying to impress your partner with love language and affection?, good choice. Observe their character and detect the love language they like the most and express your love using them. If they like gifts, Discover what they are lacking or what they have desired to purchase, and  buy it for them. And if your partner is the type that loves spending quality time with you, then you should stay home more Often.

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