April 21, 2024

Starting a gratitude journal And practicing positive affirmations in Nigeria is a good step to relieving stress in Nigeria. Although the ups and down of the country’s economy doesn’t give peace of mind, it’s still required to stay happy. No matter how hard things might be, stay positive and think about the days things were easy. When starting a gratitude journal, you might be wondering who and what you should be grateful for, although you might not find the answer immediately but after reminiscing on the past and looking at the current situations of things, trust me you will find your answers.

Reminisce on the past, think about how life has been over the years and ask yourself these questions: I’m I still in the same place I was last year? How many friends and family I’ve I lost? What’s my achievement last year? Find answers to these questions and then you will realize you should be thankful.  For some of our readers that have found their reasons to be grateful, you should consider writing a gratitude journal. How do you write this and what are the steps involved? Don’t worry everything will be disclosed in this context. 

How To Practice Gratitude Daily In Nigeria 

Before starting a gratitude journal, firstly you need to learn how to practice gratitude. How to be grateful for what’s happening in your surroundings and how to stay positive no matter the situation. And most especially be willing to practice positive affirmations. But before we proceed to the positive affirmation section of this context, here are 3 ways to practice gratitude daily:

  • Add It To Your Morning Routine: After waking up from bed, raise your head, go down on your knees and give thanks to god for sparing your life till the next day. And if you are one that doesn’t believe in god, simply stay thankful of having the opportunity to witness another day.  Make this your morning routine and you will soon get used to practicing gratitude. 
  • Embrace And Practice Positive Affirmations: Repeat positive affirmation sentences or phrases like “I Am Strong”, “I Am Successful “, “I Am Unstoppable”. It doesn’t have to be one of these words, you can choose a positive affirmation you find encouraging and repeat it anytime you feel down. 
  • Become More Aware Of Your Surroundings: Don’t shut your eyes of the activities happening in your environment, take note of them and trust me you will find gratitude. Look at the people around you, observe the natural environment and see how beautiful it is.

What Are Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations can be defined as phrases or statements that an individual’s chants  to themselves so as to promote their positive thinking, self-empowerment, and boost their confidence. Practicing these affirmations is a good way to achieve personal development, self-improvement, and most especially it is used to build a positive mindset. 

Affirming a positive belief about yourself is a really good way to divert your mind from negative or self downgrading thoughts, your mind becomes more positive and empowering.

Practicing Positive Affirmations In Nigeria

Nigeria is a country with vibrant citizens, but with the country’s current economy, it’s hard for its citizens to stay positive. But do you know  practicing positive affirmations is a good way to relieve stress and build mental growth in Nigeria? Yes, it is very helpful. Below are some of the ways to practice positive affirmations in Nigeria.

  • Identify Your Goals: Start by asking yourself questions like What are the reasons you want to start practicing Positive Affirmations? What aspect of your life do you want to improve?  Is it your  confidence, your  health, or stronger relationships?  Once you have a goal in mind, create affirmations about them and start practicing.
  • Keep it Positive:  Don’t draft negative affirmations, make sure they are positive. For example instead of saying “I won’t fail” say “I am going to succeed” or “ I am going to pass”.
  • Practice Daily: To become used to chanting positive affirmation phrases or sentences, you need to practice Daily. Add it to your daily routine and say it more often.
  • Reflect Your Aspirations: Nigerians are known for their big dreams,  Create affirmations that are similar with your personal goals. For example it might be  starting a business, excelling in education, or strengthening family bonds.

What Is A Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal can be described as a  diary or  a personal notebook where individuals regularly write and record things they are grateful for.  This journal is different from your everyday journals where you write about how your day went and other life experiences. A gratitude journal is mainly for writing notes about how thankful you are and everything inside should be positive. 

How To Write A Gratitude Journal

If you are already familiar with writing a normal day to day journal, then writing a gratitude journal shouldn’t be that hard for you. However you should take note of what you will be including in the journal as you are only allowed to express and write words of gratitudes. In case you don’t know how this works, below are guidelines on how to write a gratitude journal:

  • Choose Your Format: you don’t have to use a notebook , you can download a journaling app on your device or perhaps create an online notebook. Whichever you find better.
  • Set a Schedule: Fix a time you will make entries to your journal. You can write early in the morning everyday, before you go to bed or only during weekends. 
  • Be Specific:  Instead of beating around the bush, go straight to the point and give details of what you are writing about.
  • Express Why: don’t just write “I’m grateful for today” give details about what happened today and why you are grateful.


Starting A Gratitude Journal And Practicing Positive Affirmations Is a good way of relieving stress in Nigeria. Take a book, and start expressing your heartfelt gratitude inside. When writing a gratitude journal, you need to practice positive affirmations as it’s a great way to build confidence. say to yourself words of encouragement and don’t allow the negative breeze to have its way

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