Unique Hobbies to Pick up and Enjoy in Your Free Time in Nigeria

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Whether you are a student, professional, entrepreneur, or 9 to 5 worker there are some things you could do during your free time or leisure period to keep your mind occupied. These hobbies can also serve as a break from the daily routine and help you stay engaged and productive in other areas of your life. 

They are fun, challenging, and most importantly cost effective.  That said, in this article we will explore some of the unique hobbies to pick up and enjoy in your free time in Nigeria. So, without much further ado, let’s get started with what we have for today, shall we? 

10 Unique Hobbies to Pick up and Enjoy in Your Free Time in Nigeria 

Here are ten (10) unique hobbies to pick up and enjoy in your free time in Nigeria: 

1. Writing (Diary, Content, Poems)

It is a great idea to have writing as a hobby. The idea has the added advantage of becoming a professional if one can master the art of writing well. To begin writing as a hobby, during your free period you can begin by writing on any subject that interests you; it could be health, entertainment, life, technology, and so on.  

You can also choose to write about your personal experience, maybe school life, career decisions, wrong choices, and whatever comes into your head in the process. Writing can be developed into a rewarding hobby if one can devote enough time and effort to it. Moreover, once you pick an interest in writing it will make you become an avid reader on the way.  

2. Reading (Novels, Biographies, Encyclopedias)

Without a doubt, books are the best friends one can ever have. Reading journals, novels, fictional and nonfictional literature, and encyclopedias can open you up to a new world of knowledge. Whether you read for enjoyment typically during leisure time, or you take it as a regular activity, reading is indeed a hobby that you will enjoy.  

However, if you do not have an interest in reading but want to develop it as a hobby you can begin by picking one of your favorite books to start with. Take a few minutes of your leisure time to digest the book and keep on with the process. You can do so with other books you possess and in no time you will find it as an exciting thing to do. 

3. Drawing 

Drawing is one of the oldest hobbies you can think of and to date, people still incorporate it into their lives. Even if you don’t plan to do it as a job or something like that it’s still very relaxing and a good way of expressing things. The point of a hobby isn’t to be useful, it’s to be soul food for you, to make you happy. 

If you feel like art is something that makes you happy, don’t stop yourself, get a drawing board or book and begin to draw whatever comes into your mind. Little by little you can transition from being an amateur to a professional and even get people to pay you to draw them. So long as you know what you can do, drawing is both fun and profitable.  

4. Handicrafts (Creativity)

Creativity is universal, and so is the art of crafting. Making use of creativity to bring mere thoughts to reality can be an ideal way to get rid of boredom during your free time. There are many avenues you can take, from knitting and crocheting to paper crafts and beading. 

The internet has opened up a whole new world to craft enthusiasts everywhere so there is nothing to worry about. If supplies can’t be found locally, they can easily be found online. Craft websites and message boards offer inspiration when you are running low on inspiration.  

5. Painting 

Painting can seem tasking because of its demand for resources however, as a Nigerian there is always a way out. You can start with watercolor which is cost effective. Nevertheless, painting as a hobby may require you to have a small set of artist quality paints, watercolor paper, and brushes.  

You may also need a pencil or waterproof pen to sketch your subject on your paper, a jar of water, and a couple of paper towels, and you are on roll. If you can’t find any of these in your neighborhood you can begin with what you have and with time progress to something much better. 

Remember that the idea is not to perfect but to do something you love and makes you happy! 

6. Listening to Music 

Music likewise creativity is universal and is one of the most popular hobbies people pick during their leisure period whether you are preparing for a game or want to have some good time.  You shouldn’t be bored when you have a playlist of your favorite songs on your smartphone. 

The best thing about listening to music as a hobby is that anybody can do it, and you can enjoy it for your whole life. You could be listening to music while doing some other hobbies like cooking, painting, drawing and lots more to uplift your spirit and to put you on good vibes.  

If you doubt the effectiveness of music as a hobby you can try getting in a comfy chair, a good set of noise cancelling headphones, close your eyes and sink into the chair while you literally feel the music running from your ears and observe what it does to your soul.  

7. Running (or Jogging)

Running and Jogging are really easy hobbies that can be done by anyone compared to most hobbies that may require you to get some really good resources. All you need is yourself, a good pair of shoes and the will to keep going. You can even buy a treadmill if you are really serious about it. This way you can run anytime rain or sunshine.

If you enjoy running you can schedule a time for yourself, one that usually falls within your spare time. Since running/jogging are outdoor activities you can get to meet other experienced joggers who share the same interests as you. Moreover, running keeps you in a relaxed state after the activity is completed which you would feel till the end of the day.   

8. Photography (Can be done Using Smartphones)

Photography is one of the easiest hobbies to start and it is fun and cost effective. Contrary to what you might think, you don’t need a camera to be a photographer. With just your phone you can take nice shots within your environment, create stunning pictures of things around you, and share them with friends and family. 

You may think that’s all but no, there’s more to it than it seems. If you master photography, you could find yourself making a lot of money off of it too. Imagine making lots of money from something you do just as a hobby, sounds cool right? Now, get your phone ready and take advantage of your free time to learn photography.  

9. Learning New Languages (By Meeting People or Online) 

Learning a new language is an excellent hobby to pick up in your free time in Nigeria. Not only is it a fun and challenging way to expand your horizons, but it also opens up new opportunities for communication and connection. Nigeria has many different languages, from Yoruba to Hausa to Igbo and many others.  

To make things even more fun you can choose to learn international languages like German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and many more exciting languages with international relevance. By meeting people or learning online, you can immerse yourself in their culture and gain a deeper understanding of the world.  

10. Cooking 

Cooking is one famous thing people do as hobbies. If you love cooking you can pick a dish that you really enjoy eating but don’t get to eat often. It could be something fairly simple to prepare or if you want to challenge yourself you can go for something more exciting but ensure it is not expensive just in case it turns out bad.  

You should understand that the key is to pick something you really enjoy eating – and ideally not too complicated and not too terrible for you. If you’re not enjoying the food you produce, you probably won’t enjoy the cooking process. And if you don’t enjoy cooking, it’s really hard to force yourself to get more interested in it.   

Wrap Up 

There are many unique and enjoyable hobbies to pick up in your free time in Nigeria. From writing to listening to music to learning new languages there’s always something for you to try out. So what are you waiting for? 

Get out there and start exploring the world around you! Remember, hobbies don’t have to be expensive or complicated – sometimes the simplest things can bring the most joy. So be intentional, start small and enjoy the process as you journey through. Bon voyage! 

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