Tips to get Readers Comment under your blog posts.

Having a lot of comments on your blog makes your article looks interesting and unique. Not everyone who reads a blog post drop a comment, some just exit the page after finding what they are looking for.
As a successful blogger, you need to have a lot of engagements on your blog post which are email subscription, likes, shares and comments.
From my research and findings, I discovered that 73% of blogs in Nigeria have less than 100 comments in their blog post, the category of blog which had more than 100 contents are Affiliate websites and I also discovered that on website like that people are paid for commenting in which I don’t count as a legit. So in this post I will be teaching you how to make readers comment on your blog in Nigeria.

How do I get more comments on my blog

1. Write articles that deserves comment.

You need to structure and write your articles in such a way that your readers would be forced to drop a comment.
Don’t just write your articles for writing sake or any other sake. Make sure you write in such a way that your are communicating with your audiences.

2. Add an unanswered question at the end of your post.

Add question which that will enable readers to pour out their different opinions and make sure its not a question with a Yes or no answer.
Your question should be something that can be easy to answer.
Your main goal is to make a discussion within your comments.

3. Do not write boring articles

Boring and very long articles distract readers from continue reading not to talk of now dropping a comment. You should make sure that articles you are writing is very interesting and make the readers want to know more.
For example if you are writing a post telling readers on how to get money, you should add screenshots of proofs of the amount you have made in your blog post. This will make readers more interested and want to learn more from you.

4. Avoid verification on your comment box.

Always try to avoid any form of registration or verification on your comment box. This will discourage readers from dropping a comment on your blog.
Most readers doesn’t likes going through stress to add a contribution to your blog so you need to make sure readers can drop their comments with ease.

5. Make the comments box easily accessible.

Always make sure that the comment box shows after the end of your post. Some website theme doesn’t enable this so you could hire someone to fix that for you.
Just imagine having over 500 comments on a particular post, then a new user wants to drop his own comment, he will surely be discouraged if he sees that he have to scroll through over 500 comments before he can drop his own comment.
So it’s compulsory you always make the comment box easily accessible.

6. Email your subscribers, telling then to leave a comment.

This works very well, you could send your blog subscribers an email about a new post you published and you want them to drop a comment and share other people.
You could also send them a mail telling them that you want their opinions on a particular post you published on your blog.

7. Always respond to comment as soon as possible.

This is a way of having discussion with your readers, it is another way of growing your blog because readers tends to have a long engagement with your blog.
You responding to comments make your blog lively and encourag1es more conservations.

8. Ask readers for feedback.

You could tell ask your audience how they feel about your blog as whole or about a particular post. This makes them feel honored and respected and would make them leave a remark in the comment section.
This will also help you to improve your blog to suit your readers.

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