6 Guidelines to become Successful in Senior Secondary School

No student wants to fail; they all want to pass with good grades and become a success.
The senior Senior school stage is one of Nigeria’s problematic levels of education.
At this level, students would be taught a summary of what they would do in the college, more like an introduction.

The senior secondary school class is a level of education that students shouldn’t know because there are many essential things to learn there.
During the third level, students would prepare for extensive examinations like jamb and waec.
This article will explain the essential steps to becoming successful during your senior secondary classes.

1. Be humble.

This character would have effects on your success during your senior secondary classes.
During that time, you would be a senior and would have a lot of juniors who would respect and look up to you for guidance.
Instead of being proud and wicked, be humble and be nice to your junior. You don’t know where you might meet them in the future.
If you were lucky to be appointed as a prefect in your school, there would be many tasks given to you, so you need to be disciplined.

Give attention to your Junior ones and respect your mates as well. These are the qualities that people look out for before giving comments about you.
Take the junior ones as your siblings, take care of them as if your parents also gave birth to them.
Even though some of them might still be stubborn, you can be patient and caution them.

When instructing your juniors, make sure they obey and do whatever you tell them to do.
Among your mates, instead of making enemies, make more friends because they are the ones who would give you more problems, so you must be able to control yourself and do the right things because you know what you are going to achieve and you don’t want anyone to hinder it.

Be quick in forgiving people because they might help you later on.
Also, be nice to your teachers. If a teacher likes you, they would want to do anything for you even if they have to give you good grades in your exams.

2.Try not to copy the destructive behaviors of your mates.

Something I noticed in senior secondary school is that students are easily influenced and might follow the steps of the bad ones amongst them.
When they see their mate doing something, they would want to do it without thinking of the repercussions if it’s going to be good or bad.
It is not hard to differentiate a bad and good behavior. As a mature student, it’s better to do the right thing.

Instead of involving in lousy conduct, do something good that you would be proud of and make a good impact on people around you.
Likewise, you can positively impact your mates, look for individuals with a similar mentality as yours, and form a group. Before you know it, other students would start following your reasonable steps.

3.Never miss a class.

It seems impossible but consistently make an effort not to miss any class because you don’t know the importance of lectures you may miss that day.
If you miss due to some candid reasons, remember to copy your mate’s note so you can gain from whatever they have written.
Senior secondary school is like a pre-university. You can not afford to miss a class in senior secondary schools because you don’t have to know where questions might be set from.

In some schools, some teachers do not set questions from the textbook. Instead, they set the questions they ask in class and from the students’ notes.

4. Have a very detailed reading timetable.

There is time for everything, but there is a particular time for reading depending on each individual.
Draw out a schedule that you would use as a guide; that way, you wouldn’t have the option to miss your reading time.
Your reading time ought to be a quiet time that you wouldn’t be disturbed by anybody or be occupied by anything.
You could even put your reading time at night or very early in the morning when people would still be sleeping to avoid any form of noise distraction.

5. Join Reading Groups.

Reading groups have a lot of benefits because this is where you will find brilliant people who are ready to learn from one another.
You can’t know all by yourself, and you have to learn one or two things from your mates.
During the discussion time with your reading groups, ask questions on topics you don’t completely understand. Students who know it can start explaining and teaching you until you understand it well.

It is also possible for you to gain from other people’s questions.
If there is a question or topic that members of the reading group do not understand, you can meet your teachers to teach you.

6. Create relaxation Time

Your well-being is vital; your brain and body should need to rest if you want to learn something quickly.
Ensure that leisure time is included in your timetable.

During this time, you can rest or go outside to have some fun.
Doing this would affect both your physical and psychological health.


To become successful is always possible; you have to follow the proper steps and be determined.
Following the rules I clarified above would help you as a senior secondary school student.

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