8 Steps to Prepare for Post Utme Examination in Nigeria

In Nigeria, after you must have written your jamb and waec, examination, the next exam is post utme examination. This is an examination conducted by the university themselves.
They rescreen students to ensure they are well fit for the university.

It is possible that if you do well in jamb and didn’t pass well in post utme, the university might not give you the course of your choice because they think you are not fit for the course you applied for.
So it’s very important that you take your post utme examination seriously as you did for your jamb to guarantee your admission into the university and studying the course of your choice.

If you think passing post utme of any Nigeria university is difficult, you are very wrong, if you follow the guidelines below, I can guarantee you passing postutme of any Nigeria university.

How to pass post utme of any Nigeria university.

1) Start reading early

A week or 2 after writing your jamb examination, you need to start reading for your post utme because the journey hasn’t ended yet. Some students fail post utme because they do relent after writing jamb, they feel there is still time.
Some university post utme examination is quite difficult than jamb examinations. So it’s better you start reading early because your brain will still be fresh then.
You should prepare for your post utme the same way you prepared for your jamb, this will guarantee your success.

2) Visit the university you are aspiring for.

This had worked for me and would surely work for you. After your jamb examination, just fix time either a day or two, visit the university you are aspiring for. If you know someone who lives around the school, you could stay with them or just Lodge in an hotel beside the school.
Enter the school, meet students who are already in the university and ask them questions, try making them your friend, collect their phone numbers, they will tell you their experiences and guide you on passing your post utme examinations.
I am sure that by the time you must have been done making enquiries from students of the university, you would have gained more than enough knowledge.
This is also an advantage because they keep your updated with the latest information the school drops concerning the post utme.

3) Get the university post utme past questions.

This another reason why you have to visit the school, so you can get a copy of the university post utme past questions. Like the way jamb repeat past questions, the same way university repeat past questions in their post utme examination.
So make sure you study and practice the past questions thoroughly, you also get to know how difficult the post utme examination can be and how prepared you should be.

4) Enroll in post utme coaching centres around the school.

I would always advise students to do this, even if you are living very far from the school, it better you look for a family friend who lives around the school or you Lodge in an hotel.
Enrolling in post utme centres is a great advantage because the tutors are well conversant with the school system and understand what type of questions would come out.
The tutors would know the best way to teach you how to read for the school post utme examination and they will point out main topics where questions can come out from which will ease your reading.

5) Be well prepared

Make sure you apply early for the post utme examination, get all the required documents ready and try as much to be punctual on the day of your examination.
Make enquiry if the exam will be paper bases test or computer based test.

6) Study with Relevant Materials.

Study with the appropriate textbooks, past questions, and other materials that cover the Post UTME syllabus for your desired institution. This would help give insights of the type of questions you might come across in the exam.

7) Stay Healthy.

Stay healthy by eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep. Avoid cramming and stay relaxed during the exam and also manage stress by taking regular breaks, practicing relaxation techniques like meditation, and engaging in hobbies or activities that you enjoy.

8) Practice Time Management.

Time management is crucial in the exam. Practice taking timed tests to improve your speed and accuracy. If you need help in understanding some concepts or topics, seek assistance from your lecturers or tutors.


I hope the guidelines above helps you to pass the post utme of any Nigeria University. I wish you success in your examinations.

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