7 well explained steps to pass jamb in 2023

Have you ever been thinking of passing jamb once and for all without coming to seat for it the next year. Passing jamb doesn’t seems to be simple for some students and at the same time its quite simple for some other people.
There isn’t any magic towards passing jamb, it’s just about following the right steps towards passing jamb. I remembered a student once said that he wished jamb never existed, I asked him why he said that, he then told me that he has written jamb more than 6times and he is fed up, I then told him not to worry that I am going to help him.

‘I gave him some successful tips to pass jamb, i then followed him up to make sure he is on the right track.
When the results was out, he scored 276, he was very happy and thanked me. I will be revealing the successful tips in this post.

What is jamb?.

Jamb is the short meaning of joint admission matriculation board. They formerly had the name Utme(Universal teritary matriculation examinations). They deal with the screening of students before gaining admission into the university.
It’s not possible to gain admission into the university without sitting for jamb examination. It was a formerly paper test based examination but it is now a computer based examination.

How to pass jamb.

Step 1: Self determination

Before accomplishing any task, you need to be self-determined, you need to keep telling yourself that you will accomplish the task successfully. You need to have confidence in yourself, telling yourself that you can do it. It changes your mentality about passing jamb positively.

Even before reading any book, for you to understand very well, it comes from your determination because it make you have full focus on what you are going to read and how best you can understand it. You need to keep telling yourself that you are going to pass jamb, build the confidence in you. This is one of the successful tips to pass jamb.

Step 2: Good plans and strategies.

A quote we all know, If you fail to plan, you automatically plan to fail. So on any journey to success you are embarking on, you need to make a very good plan in order for you to succeed.
If a contractor wants to build a beautiful house, he hire an architect to draw the building plans. The builders follow the building plan in order to make the house come out in the best.

Likewise passing jamb, you need to plan different steps and strategies you are going to take. This will help you in accomplishing your goals. This is one of the important successful tips to pass jamb.
You write down the scores you want to have in jamb down and you work towards it.

Step 3: Make a timetable.

Time doesn’t wait for anyone, so it’s better you schedule a particular time your are going to be reading daily. Make sure the time you are fixing would be a convenient time for you so you won’t experience any form of disturbances.
It’s better you make a time table of each subjects you are going to be reading daily and make a time range for each.
This will help you avoid any form of procrastination.

Step 4: Cover the full Syllabus

Three or four months to your jamb exam, you should have been reading fervently in order to cover the fully syllabus. When reading make sure you have a little jotter on which you can write important points. Any place you seem not to understand, mark it and go meet someone whom you think knows it to help you out.

Make sure you read to understand and not to only cram because they are some questions which might be twisted an will need your logical reasoning to answer that’s why you need to read to understand. For each topic you cover, make sure you make a short summary of it for future references. This is one of the successful tips to pass jamb.

STEP 5: Practice and study past questions.

This is like an insight of questions you are going to see in your jamb examination. Past questions have proven to help students with their examination. Past questions contains the previous years questions, so as a student, you need to study how they set the questions, how the questions can be asked.

The best way to do this is that after practicing a year past questions, always refer to your textbooks for answers to the on you failed. This method helps a lot. If possible, make sure you complete all the past questions.
This will guarantee you passing 50% of all the questions.

You should also try to look for questions which seems to appear frequently in all the years. Those type of questions have higher probability of coming out in your examination even though it might be twisted. This one of the best successful tips to pass jamb.

Step 6: Join jamb discussion groups.

Jamb Discussion groups helps a lot because different students share their knowledge of what they know, ask questions, answers questions, you will surely learn a lot and you will have the opportunity to ask questions on what you don’t seem to understand.
Some groups also invites a teacher who could help with questions that seems very difficult.

Step 7: Revisions.

After you must have fully read your books and study past questions, the next thing to do is to do revisions by reading the summaries and key points on your jotter.
This would refresh your brain on what you have studied.
Some years ago, jamb introduced a mock examination which has helped student a lot. The exams always take place a week or two before the main examinations. You could also participate, it helps.

Make sure you don’t rush yourself all in the name of revising a day before your exam.
It’s very dangerous, it creates tension in you which will affect you on the day of your examinations. It is advisable that 18hours to your exam, you shouldn’t read and allow your brain to relax. This is among the successful tips to pass jamb.


I hope the tips above helps you to pass your jamb. I wish you goodluck. If you have any enquiry, you could make use of the comment box or contact us page.

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