10 guidelines to pass Waec in 2023

Every student dream is to always pass their exams even though some main aims are too come out with A grades. In this article, I will be explaining the best Guidelines that will help you not only to pass Waec but come out with As without involvement in any sort of examination malpractice.
As a student, you should know that having a good waec result almost guarantee your entry into the university to study any course of your choice. Make sure you try your best and do every needful things that will enable you to pass waec and gain admission into the university once and for All. It will take you the next educational level.

Best Guidelines to pass waec

1)Be focused.

You know the great task at your front, so you need to stay focused and have a positive mindset that you are going to pass the exam. Let most of your thinking always be towards passing your waec examination, try to remove anything that will distract you from coming out with good grades.

2) Understand the examination system.

Luckily every year, waec past questions are always updated with the recent year’s questions. So try to purchase the updated one and practice, study how waec set their questions, look at how they can twist the questions because most students have noticed that waec do repeat some of its questions but they changed the way they asked it in the previous years.
Download waec syllabus and go through topics waec can set their questions from, this will put you on the right track and get you very well prepared for the examination.

3) Have the recommended textbooks.

They are some textbooks which are recommended by waec, you can purchase them and make use of it. Although they are also some textbooks which explains better and make readers understand. Make sure you cover the whole textbooks before the day of the exam.

4) Take your reading very serious.

You can’t pass any exams without reading, reading is very important if you really want to pass any exam. Make a timetable and schedule different time for each subject.
Always make sure anywhere you are ready is always a calm and good place to read where there isn’t going to be any form of disturbances, you could make use of a library if you have one.
Some students developed a habit of reading at night, which helped them, you too could develop that habit but i would advise you read your book anytime you think is convenient for you.

5) Always ask questions.

There are some people who doesn’t understand some parts in the book they are reading, they just ignore it and move to the next page. This is very wrong because the area you don’t understand might eventually come out in your waec examination.
Always try to ask your teachers or fellow student whom you think understand better for help, they will explain to you better and make you understand.

6) Improve your writing Skills.

Some students failed waec not because they don’t know it but because they have a bad writing skills. It’s better you answer your questions by going straight to the point in such a way your examiner will have a clear view of what you are trying to explain. They aren’t looking at the quantity but quality of your answers.
Also make sure you have a good handwriting so your examiner will be able to see your writings clearly. I would also advise that you cross-check your examination slip before submitting so as to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes.

7)Note important formulas.

If you are good at cramming, this is an advantage for you. Being able to remember and manipulate any formula will guarantee you solving any questions that requires calculations. You can do this by understanding how any formula is being derived, this will enable you to always remember any formula.

8) Boost your speed.

Waec always give a certain time you are to answer an examination questions, so always make sure you work with time, answer the ones which you think you know well first before moving to the difficult ones, this help you in managing your time.
Always look at the clock on your hand or the one in the examination Hall to ensure that you are on the right track.

9) Attend tutorials

Tutorials helps a lot in the sense that they teach you questions which are likely to come out in the examination and break down any difficult questions. Tutorial centres study past questions and come out with probable questions which may likely come out. But make sure you are also reading your book if you are going to be attending tutorials.

10) Follow instructions.

Not following certain instructions have made some students fail waec examination. Whenever you are given your question paper in the examination Hall always make sure you read the instructions written on it. This should always stick to your head because many students always forget.

11) Have the necessary examination requirements.

Before entering the examination Hall, make sure you have all the necessary examination requirements e waec I’d card. Ensure you have everything ready, so you won’t be disturbed in the examination Hall.

I hope the above Guidelines will help you in passing your waec examination. I wish you success.

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