Livestock Business in Nigeria – Rearing Turkey Birds

Another lucrative business to start this month is the turkey rearing business because you would be happy and enjoy the profits by next year.
The business could look rough, though, because you would need to clean and take good care of the animals daily.
In this post, I will highlight and explain every guideline you need to follow, and there isn’t any difficult thing to do.

6 Steps to start Livestock Business

1. Get a small portion of land.

You live if you own the house, and there is a little space in the compound or probably in the garden.
Separate a small piece of land that could size 20 or more turkey birds.

When carving out a land, always ensure that the surroundings are free from all sorry or pests and predators.
If possible, you could clean up all the surroundings and make sure it is free from anything which could cause harm to the turkey birds.

It would help to consider how near or far it is to the main building. It should be very far so that the smell of the feces would not be of any disturbance.

2. Build a comfortable shed for the turkey birds.

This is very important; after you have carved out the small portion of land, hire a bricklayer and a carpenter to build a comfortable small shed for the turkey birds.

When building their shed, you must consider the rainy and dry season; the shed should be made so that in any climate conditions, the shed would always feel relaxed and comfortable for the turkey birds.

3. Buy a healthy infant turkey bird.

When you want to begin rearing turkey birds, you must buy the healthy ones because they are prone to all kinds of animal diseases in their infant months.
The best way to find healthy turkey birds to buy is by buying from the best sellers.

A mistake you should avoid is that when purchasing infant turkeys, always make sure you study their body before buying them because you really can’t tell if they are weak or sick because of their large feathers.

4. Feed them well.

At the turkey bird’s infant age, they need a lot of nutritional elements to keep them healthy, so you always need to make sure you feed them very well. Then probably when they are more extensive, you can start reducing their foods.
Also, they need to be given treatments monthly to ensure they are very safe, and some get doctors specialized in that field.

5. Purchase productive turkey birds.

Don’t just buy male turkeys; buy both males and females to produce eggs that later hatch into young turkey birds.
If you do it like this, anytime you sell turkeys, you would still grow smaller ones; you wouldn’t need to purchase infant ones again.

6. Vaccinate the birds.

Vaccination is important to prevent the spread of diseases among the turkey birds. The turkey birds should be vaccinated against common diseases such as Newcastle disease, avian influenza, and fowl pox to prevent them from death.

7. Sales.

There is always a tremendous demand for turkeys during celebration periods like Christmas and Easter periods.
Some people prefer turkey birds to chickens because of their vast meats, and some claim the turkey birds’ meat is sweeter than chicken meats.
Whenever you have turkeys for sale, go to the market, there are people always ready to buy them, and another advantage is that the business is less competitive.

How much do I need to start a turkey birds rearing business?.

It depends on your budget, though, but you should have at least 50,000 nairas for a start.
And it’s always advisable to start with 200,000 because it would yield more profits than the one of a low budget.

Is turkey birds rearing business a competitive one?

No, it is not; in fact, not all poultry farmers rear turkey birds because it always turns out to be strenuous, so they prefer to face one business: chicken rearing.
Only a few persons are into the turkey rearing business in Nigeria, and there is always a great demand for it. It’s indeed a lucrative and less competitive business.


Rearing turkey birds requires a good amount of knowledge and investment in terms of time, money, and resources. However, with proper care and management, turkey farming can be a profitable venture for farmers.

If you plan to invest your money into a profitable business, you should consider this turkey rearing business because it is perfect.

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