Ultimate Link Building Tactics for bloggers in Nigeria

Have you tried getting high quality backlinks for free to your website in Nigeria?. In this post, i will be highlighting different methods to get high quality backlinks to your website.

You might have been hearing how important link-building is to every websites that wants to rank well on search engines.
If you check different top websites using ahrefs tools, you will notice they have large quantities of backlinks.
Although backlinks is not the main factor that determines a website ranking top on Google, but is an important factor.

What is link-building?

Link-building is a search engine optimization strategy in which you link your websites to other websites.
Internal linking is when you link articles relating to one another on the same website.
External linking is when you link your website to other websites.

When your website is linked to to high authority websites, it makes Google see your website as a very important website.
When you do link building in the wrong way, you are putting your website at risk, probably your website might eventually be penalized by Google.

There are two major types of links;

Dofollow backlinks

This type of backlink is of a very great value especially if it comes from a website with a high authority value.
This types of backlinks redirect or tells people to follow your website.
This type of backlinks do have great impact on a website profile backlink strength.
This is the type of backlink you should be building to your website, but the total backlinks of your website shouldn’t be 100% dofollow, it should be 60 to 75% so that your website won’t be penalized by Google.

Nofollow backlinks

This type of backlinks add little or no value to your website.
This type of backlinks are mostly found on blog commenting websites.
The best way to build backlinks.

Content is King, before you should start building backlinks to your website, you must have written a lot of well written quality articles.
Especially if the niche you are is very competitive, you should build backlinks to the Keywords you want to rank for.
For example your wrote an article on top websites in Nigeria, you should build backlinks to that particular post with the anchor(Top websites in Nigeria), this will enable your website to rank for that specific Keyword.

Also before linking your website to another website, you should check the website spam score, if it has a very high spam score, the website might have been penalized by Google, linking to a website like that could do great harm to your website.

How to get high quality backlinks

1) Getting backlinks from websites in your niche.

Most website do this for free if your article is well written and of high quality.
Look for website with high domain authority in your website niche, contact them via their mail address, send the link to your article, if your article is of high value, the link to your website automatically.
Although most websites may as you to pay for this, Google is really strict against buying links, it’s better you do it in a safe way.

2) Broken links method.

This also works well, there are some online tools which helps to scan a website for broken links.
You could target top websites in your niche, scan their entire websites for broken links, compile those broken links in a file, write high quality contents relating to those topics of the broken links, contact the website owners.
Let them know that there are some broken links on their website and you have written quality articles that could could replace those broken links.
They will replace those links with yours immediately, thereby earning your website some quality backlinks.

3)Guest posting

This is a very common method of getting backlinks but it requires a lot of hard work and time.
Look for top websites in your niche which accepts guest posting on their website, go though the qualifications process.
Write a very attractive high quality article, then submit it to them, if it’s okay by them, they publish your article on their website giving you the credit with a backlink to your website.

4) Forum posting.

This is one of the best way to get backlinks and large amount of visitors to your website.
All you need to do is to write an interesting article, give a summary of the article or probably half of the article and post on the forum with a backlink of the original article to your website.
This have helped a lot of bloggers get high quality backlinks with a large amount of traffic to their website.
Most websites in Nigeria makes use of nairaland because it have a very high domain authority with a large amount of daily visitors.

5) Profile backlinks

Sign up on social websites and insert a backlink to your website in the website area box.
Although not all social websites have website input option but most websites have it.
The best way to do this is to fill everywhere, give full information about your biography else the website may filter your profile as Spam.
Some social websites also allow you post contents, you could also include your website link in the post.

6) Hiring a specialist.

This is for those who doesn’t have time building backlinks, you could hire someone a specialist to do it for you.
Go sign up on fiverr, use the search button to search for any related backlinks gig, you could get 1000 dofollow backlinks for 5$ and many more on fiverr.
Before ordering any gig, make sure you read the description and study all the reviews so as to make sure you are ordering the right gig.


Getting backlinks to your site is important but writing great quality contents is more important.
If you just opened a new website,do not hurry to get backlinks rather you focus on writing quality contents, as your domain grows, you can start building backlinks to your website.

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