How to Take your Business to the Next Level in Nigeria

Many people do complain of their business not growing and not getting customers. A lot of people just jump into business without doing proper researches and planning. This have affected the growth of their business.

A lot of business owners doesn’t have good business communication skills, negotiating skills Many are just stagnant, waiting for customers to look for them, it doesn’t works like that.

Even successful businesses still goes out to advertise their goods or services boosting their sales. I will be highlighting different steps to grow your business and reach out to a lot of customers out there.


There are different types of businesses in our society today. There are some which are very competitive, so are highly demanding etc. , so before entering any business, you need to ask yourself some questions.
How many people are doing this kind of business in my region?, Will this business bring huge profit for me?. What if I go bankrupt, can I still recover?.

Is this business highly demanding in the market? and so more. You need to think and do proper researches before jumping into any kind of business.
I will be listing different ways to get a lot of customers for your business .


Its no more news that the world is going advanced technologically. Everything is becoming computerized, robots have replaced human beings, things have become more easier and faster.
Social medias have proven to have the largest source of audience and engagement starting from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter etc.

80% of audiences from social medias platform are seems to be interested in whatever goods you are selling or services you are rendering.
So you need to open an account in all social media platforms, engage with other users, grow your account by getting more audiences who are following you. A mistake most people make is that they only display their goods on their social media accounts, you need to post funny contents too such that your audience would always be interested in whatever you are posting.

For Facebook you could open an entertainment group, get more audiences to join the group by posting funny stuffs at the same time you could be displaying some of your goods or services. Instagram seems to be the best place to target real audiences who are interested in your goods to services, so you need to try get as much followers as possible even if you need to to spend.
For WhatsApp, you can get more status viewer’s by organizing Referral programs. This will help boost the size of your audiences.


This method have proven to yield large sales. That’s what most top businesses are doing right now and they are earning a lot of money. If you really wanna grow your business, you need to entice your customers with discounts and promos, no one will see a great offer and would want to abandon it.

This will make them want to buy more of your goods. At first, the profit might not be much, but as times goes on it will be much. When giving discounts, you should make sure that you specify the particular goods or product you are giving discounts on.

You could also organize a promo, giving out coupon codes if you own a website, this will help increase your sales. Even I get to understand that once a production company notices that a particular type of goods is almost getting expired, they go to the market and sell it half of the real price so as not to lose.


Any of your customers you have a successful deal with, you tell them to recommend you to their friends. This will drive more customers for your business. That’s another reason you need to treat your customers gently with patience and respect.
Some customers can be stubborn though but notwithstanding you need to treat them well.

Once you develop a concrete bond and trust between you and your customers, they tend to always refer you to their family and friends because you have proven to be good to them.

Another thing that can make your customers recommend you is that you need to give them the best, make sure they are happy with the services you rendered or goods you sold to them. If you have a website, you could tell your customers to go put in their reviews and ratings about your business. This will help people to believe and have trust in your business.


This is the best way to to make your business known to people, for example if Mr. A is selling cars in Lagos and Mr B is looking for a place to purchase a car, if Mr. B is lucky to see Mr. A adverts anywhere maybe social media, he tends to make enquiry about a car from Mr. A and is likely to purchase it.

Getting your business known to people give you more chances of getting great sales. You can’t be selling only to a particular set of people, so it is best for you to make your business know to a large mass.
You can do this by placing adverts on WhatsApp TV, blogs, television, Google ads etc.
This will help people reach out to you to make enquiries about your business.


Videos advertisement have proven to be the best type of advert form that attract and convince audience about your business, because they tends to listen to the real details about your business. Posters or flyers advert only works well when you are giving an offer or discount on your goods and services. You could employ someone to create a video advert for you or you go to Google play store to download some apps for creation of video adverts.


Taking your business to the next level requires a combination of creativity, strategy, and hard work. By focusing on these strategies and continuously looking for ways to improve, you can take your business to new heights and achieve sustainable growth.

I hope the guidelines above helps you to attract a lot of customers for your business.


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