7 ways to avoid Carryovers in Nigeria universities

I will be showing you how to avoid carryovers in University.
Many university students do have carryovers in one or more courses not because they aren’t intelligent enough but because they are some proper steps they didn’t follow.

The university screened all candidates to make sure they are deemed fit for the higher education they want to venture into before admitting them into the university.
Why do you think a student who has been screened would have carryovers?. They are different answers to this but rather than going there, let’s see the best way to avoid carryovers in University.
The university is different from secondary school, so they way you prepare for test or examinations should be different.

How to avoid carryovers in University.

1. Always Stay Informed.

This do affect most of the freshers because they aren’t being used to the school system.
Lack of some information do misguide them, as a student in the university you need to get access to the needed information easily.
For example, if you were to go register a course with your Course adviser and you you weren’t informed this could cause failure for you.
To stay informed and updated, you should collect numbers of the course representative and any other representative.

It’s either they add you to the class WhatsApp group where they can drop any latest information.
Another way to be get updated with latest information is to make friends with the representative or students who you think that are very active in the class.

2. Advise from old students.

This is very important if you are a fresher, you are very new to the system and you need to understand how the system works, it’s better you meet old students whom you think they have passed one or two levels.
If possible make friends with them, they will tell you their experiences, how the examinations used to be, if lecturers repeat questions yearly or not, what you should do and what you shouldn’t do etc.

This will guide you through the system and help you adapt fully to the school system.
If you made friends with the right and intelligent ones, they will teach you how to have pass all your courses with distinctions.

3. Join religious groups and Society.

They act like your family in the university, there used to be over 50 of religious groups in the university. Their target are always freshers so they can bring more people to their religious groups.
They are always ready to give the best help they can give, they help you spiritually, mentally, financially.

Some of the religious groups even organize mock up examinations for their members which are freshers.
You can also have the opportunity of getting some textbooks and materials from them.

4. Never miss lectures.

Even though some students are fond of saying that 100 level lectures are SCAM. Although they didn’t mean to say that because the lecturers aren’t giving their best teachings.
What made them say this is that lecturers claim to always take attendance and test very important telling students that it would be part of their examinations and at the end of they day being a lie.

This do happen most of the time but at the same time you can’t predict.
So as to be in the safer path, make sure you don’t miss classes because they are very important not only because of attendance and tests, you will gain a lot from lectures.

5. Enroll in tutorials centers.

This is very important if you are the type that can’t read and understand by yourself.
The lecture theatre used to be very big, not everyone will be able to understand what the lecturer is teaching, some students have to come to the lecture theatre very early so they can seat at the front.

But I would advise you join tutorial centers because they will teach and explain to you to your understanding.
Also the tutors have experiences, they know how questions are being set, so they teach you in the best way they can.
They also give clues of what could come out in the examinations.

6. Buy past questions.

This is very useful and important. From past experiences, lecturers are 80% likely to set questions from the previous years examinations.
Just imagine practicing all past questions, that will guarantee your success in the upcoming examinations.
You also get to understand how questions are being set and how best to read.

7. Be fully prepared.

You shouldn’t start reading one or two weeks close to examinations, like I said earlier the university examinations is different from your secondary school examinations.
You need to start preparing right from the time of resumption. Read all the textbooks you are told to buy. I Know of some students who read all the textbooks more than 2 to 3 times. This makes them understand the full concepts.

This also enable you to ask questions in classes, because it’s not every part of the textbooks the lecturers are going to teach that’s why it is very important to read far ahead of the class.


I hope the guidelines above helps you to avoid carryovers in the university. You should pass your examinations without failing any courses.
If you have any questions, kindly drop them in the comment box

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