Education in Nigeria – A better Initiative

I can’t say that education in Nigeria is bad or good but it needs some improvement in which I will be revealing as you read along.
Education sector is one of the important sectors in Nigeria because it tells about the future of the nation so the government must take it very seriously and give it more attention.

What is the hope of education in Nigeria?.

This is indeed a food for thought, many are seeking different answers to this question.
As of the 1990’s, education in Nigeria wasn’t as good as it is now, there have been some changes and improvement which isn’t still enough.

Answering the question, I believe in few years to come, education in Nigeria would be better as it is now but it all in the hands of the government and the society at large.

If there had been great development like the rate at which technology have improved in Nigeria, it would have been more better.

How education in Nigeria can be improved.

Can education in Nigeria be improved?. Yes it can only if it is proper attention is giving to the education sector and taken more seriously.

1. Free Education in all levels.

During the past few years, free education have been given to students in the primary and secondary schools, this have given hope to the hopeless Nigerians whom aren’t able to go to school because of lack of funds.
Kudos to the Nigeria government, last year the free feeding for primary school students have been implemented and i believe that sooner, it will reach the secondary school students.

But this shouldn’t stop here, there should be free education for students in the university, some students can not afford to fund themselves throughout the university.

Although, there have been different scholarships, but not everyone is benefiting from the scholarship so I think there is still a role for government to play by implementing a free education or reduction in the fees for students in the university.

I am sure this would bring a great change in the educational system in Nigeria if this is implemented.

2. Technological improvement in education.

As the world is advancing greatly in technology, it should also have great effect in education in Nigeria.
In the past few years, some parts of the education system have been computerized, schools now have a professional website which can be used to store data and information of students, examinations in schools have been computerized partially.

The joint admission board examination which was paper test based is now computerized. It has made everything very easy and help to curb examination malpractices.

But the education in Nigeria still needs improvement technologically, teachings should go from mere speech explanation to visualized explanation through a projector, this would make learning more easy for the students.

Introducing digital learning tools, such as e-books, educational apps, and online courses can help make education more accessible to people from all walks of life. This can also provide a more interactive and engaging learning experience

3. Incapable teachers should be filtered out.

There have been corruption in the educational system, some teachers which aren’t qualified are currently teaching.
What is the hope of the students learning from unqualified teachers, teachers caught should be punished according to the law of the country.

Teachers like this can be filtered out by the conduction of yearly test for teachers to filter out the unqualified ones.
This would make students receive quality education from qualified teachers.

Training teachers to use modern teaching methods, incorporating technology, and making learning more personalized can help enhance the quality of education in Nigeria.

4. Community Involvement.

Engaging communities in the education process, such as through parent-teacher associations, can help create a collaborative environment and improve the quality of education.

5. Special Needs Education.

Providing specialized education and support for children with special needs can help create an inclusive environment and ensure that every child has access to quality education. Investing in early childhood education can help set a strong foundation for future learning and development.

6. Vocational Training.

Offering vocational training and skills development programs can help equip students with practical skills that will prepare them for the workforce. Nigeria needs to start implementing this training.


These are just a few ideas for better initiatives to education  in Nigeria. By investing in education and adopting innovative approaches, we can help improve educational outcomes and create a brighter future for Nigeria.

I believe that if certain things are done properly concerning the education in Nigeria, there would be a great change and improvement in the country.

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