Guidelines to make your Blog Unique like Linda ikeji blog

This is an important article for mostly new and Amateur bloggers, it could also be of help to professional bloggers.
Most bloggers wants their blog to be Unique and gain a lot of popularity.
This doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes time and a lot of hardwork. On the rush to make their blog popular, many bloggers have made their website penalized by Google and other search engines.

If you do proper research, you would notice that top blogs of today have been existing for long and are hardworking.
It takes your patience, dedication and hard work for you to be successful with your blog
Some bloggers on the run to make a lot of cash, they have losed audience.

If you want to reach and compete with top websites, then you need to work very hard and put a lot of effort.
When your blog is unique and gain popularity, different businesses would want to advertise on your website.

Best steps to make your blog Unique.

1. Publish Quality and updated contents.

Content is King, without useful contents on your blog or if your blog isn’t satisfying your audience, your blog seems to be useless.
It’s not compulsory your blog contents to be solution based but it should be of value such that your audiences would be satisfied.
When audiences find value on your blog, they would want to visit your blog more often and drop a good comment.

You shouldn’t publish contents for just publishing sake, it should be able make your readers happy.
Keeping your blog updated with latest and trending contents that will keep your blog moving.

2. Social media presence.

Social media is one of the best way to get enough popularity for your blog.
Infact, social media is the main source of traffic for most bloggers, all they do is that they publish a good contents, they then share the link to social media.

Create a standard profile for all your blog social media accounts and link them all to your blog.
You should also try to grow your account for example, promoting your Facebook page via Facebook ads.
Top websites have an average of 500,000 to 1million likes to their Facebook page.

You could start by posting contents which gets a lot of engagements such that you get a lot of audience following your blog social accounts.
You could also just share your website link with an hashtag of something relating to your contents.

3. Advertisement.

As a new blogger, your website can’t get popularity or social presence yet, it might be difficult to rank on Google with some specific Keywords.
You could run a Facebook or Google advertisement to promote your blog, as times goes on your blog will start gaining popularity and generating active audiences.

4. Posting in Forums.

Another way to promote your blog is by creating account on some forums and posting your blog contents URL.
For example you could join Question and answer Forums like Quora, search for questions asked relating to your contents.
Put an answer with a summary, then insert your blog link to that specific contents.
Anyone who sees your answer would want to visit your blog to know more.

Mistakes you must avoid when blogging.

1. Disturbing and annoying advertisement.

Some bloggers does this mistake because they want to make a lot of money from their blog.
Your audience must be able to to read your contents and navigate through your blog with ease, when your blog is filled with irritating and annoying advertisement, it chases your audience and increase your blog bounce rates which may get your website penalized by Google.
One or two ads network with good ads placement is the best to monetize from your blog.

2. Buying backlinks.

Google is very strict against this and if your website is caught, it might get penalized by Google.
Rather than buying backlinks, publish Quality contents which would make other website want to link to your website.

3. Illegal contents.

You mustn’t publish illegal contents, your mustn’t copy contents too.
Write all your contents by yourself and if you want to publish another person, content, always put a copyright credit before or after the article.

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