Steps on starting Garri production Business in Nigeria

I am still amazed why some Nigerians still complain that they are jobless. If you are reading this article, consider yourself lucky because i will be explaining different steps to start a garri production company with little capital in Nigeria.

Garri is a popular food item in West African countries, especially in Nigeria, Ghana, and Sierra Leone. It is made from cassava, a root crop that is widely cultivated in tropical regions of Africa.

Gone are the days when big businesses of today had low competition, but currently you can hardly find a luxurious business which is less competitive, there are few jobs which very low competition.

You might be thinking if garri production company could yield a large income, the truth is that when you start, you would be earning a little income but as times goes on, you would be making a lot of money from your garri production company.

How much do I need to start a garri production company?.

You can start with a capital as low as 20,000 naira with equipment excluded but if you want to start in full by purchasing all the necessary equipment, you would need an amount up to 500,000 naira.
Many starts with low capital and as soon as the business started flourishing, they began to purchase all the equipment one by one.

Do I need to have a cassava farm before starting the business?.

No, it is not compulsory but if you have a farm, it is a very big advantage for the business.
When you have a cassava farm, it also makes your business looks very professional and you tends to gain more profits rather than buying cassava from Farmers.

The process of garri production involves several steps:

  • Cassava harvesting: The first step is to harvest mature cassava roots from the cassava farm. The roots are then sorted to remove the bad ones and washed well  to remove dirt.
  • Peeling and washing: The cassava roots are peeled using a knife or a mechanical peeler but in the local areas, they make use of sharp knives. After peeling, they are washed to remove the excess starch and dirt.
  • Grating: The washed cassava roots are then grated using a grater or a grinding machine, it can even be sliced with knives into smaller pieces. The grated cassava is collected in a large bowl or basin.
  • Fermentation: The grated cassava is allowed to ferment for a period of 1-5days. During this process, the starch in the cassava is broken down into simple sugars by the action of microorganisms, this process is known as fermentation.
  • Dehydration: After fermentation, the cassava is dehydrated by pressing it in a cloth or using a mechanical press. The resulting cassava mash is then sieved to remove lumps and other impurities.
  • Drying: The sieved cassava mash is then dried on a hot surface, usually a large metal plate or pan. The roasting process helps to dry out the cassava and give it a slightly smoky flavor and aroma.
  • Cooling and packaging: After roasting, the garri is allowed to cool and then packaged in bags or containers for sale. It should be preserved in a cool and dry environment.

Garri can be eaten alone as a snack or used as a main ingredient in various dishes such as Eba, a popular Nigerian swallow food.

How much can I make monthly from the Garri production business?.

This depends on you and the amount of production and sales you made for each month.
I will be highlighting the steps to start the garri production business.

1. Production process.

Like i said earlier, you could start with a low capital, what you need to do is to go to cassava farmers and purchase the amount which your capital worth.
For example if you have a capital of 50,000 naira, you could just buy cassava worth of 30,000 naira, then use the remaining money to process the cassava into flakes then transport it to the market for sales.

But if you have enough capital, you could make your business a large scale garri production business.
All you need here is to purchase the necessary equipment e.g. processing machines, like I said earlier, having a cassava farm isn’t necessary because there are a lot of of farmers who produces cassava on their farms.

Locate farmers who produces health cassava stems, make a deal with them so that they will serve as your main cassava suppliers.
Having purchased all the recommended equipment, hire technicians who would work for you in the production process.

2. Marketing process.

After the garri production, the marketing aspect is the next step.
You don’t need to worry about your sales because there is great demand for cassava flakes in the market, so distribution and sales will not be a problem.

Targeting potential garri buyers
There are different strategies to get potential cassava flakes buyers, this could be done when you go to the market to advertise your products to businesses who distribute it to consumers for sales.


The business isn’t a luxurious one but it’s a very profitable one.
It’s a very easy business to start with a little capital.

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