Best locations to open a cybercafe in Nigeria – Business Tips

Location is significant for every business owner who has a shop or a company, even in the local market, people whose shops are in open place makes more sales than people whose shops are in inner areas.

Before starting any business, this is one of the vital things you must consider because it significantly impacts the number of sales you would be making daily.
Now another lucrative business that is being influenced by the location is the cyber cafe business, and not everyone has a computer, printer, photocopier machine, e.t.c.

Even laptops would still need to go print whatever they typed on their computer.
If you are running a cybercafe business in Nigeria, I would be highlighting different locations you can set up your cybercafe business.

1. Educational institutions.

This is the best location to run a cyber cafe business because even with the high competition in those areas, you would still be making massive sales.
Due to the educational environment, students would want to register for different courses, print documents, apply for scholarships, e.t.c. Student are also given assignment by various lecturers which are mostly necessary to be printed out.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      It is more profitable when new students are just admitted into the school because they would upload, type, and print different kinds of documents that they would submit to the institution.
During post-utme examinations, students would need to print and photocopy some documents they would be using before being cleared into the examination hall.

If you plan on using a university, try to locate your shop beside the university gate such that any student who would want to do any cybercafe work would be able to access your shop easily.
It is also advisable you employ 5 to 7 staff going around the university environment to bring students who need your services.

2. Court and government institution.

This location is also a perfect location for any cybercafe business. People come daily to do affidavits and other government-related stuff, and they would need to print and photocopy their documents.
Before installing your shop here, always take permission from the government so as not to face any embarrassment.

3. Jamb and waec registration centres.

Although this is seasonal because students write jamb and waec at a specific period, that’s not a problem.
You could get a temporary shop to run your cybercafe business there until students are done with their jamb and examinations. You would easily generate high income during these periods, as most student would want to print, upload and photocopy their documents. You could quickly move your shop to another suitable location.

4.Busy Marketplace

The marketplace place is also a very good location for any cybercafe business. A Market is a place where different people from different places come together to do business: sell, buy and other stuffs. Most people who are not familiar with any cybercafe centres prefer going to the market, as they know they had surely see at least two different cybercafe centers. The market is a common place for cybercafe centres.

5. Financial institution

Financial institutions like banks is also a good location for cybercafe centres, though they are not really popular unlike the others listed above. It is a good location as it is not competitive because you need permission from the bank before setting a cybercafe centre in front of the bank. You easily generate higher profit as you will surely see at least five customers per day who would either want to print waec result which is necessary for opening a bank account or photocopy files.

6. Tech-savvy neighborhoods.

Consider opening a cybercafe in neighborhoods with high levels of tech-savviness, where people are likely to be interested in using your Tec services. You can use google map to search for locations that have high statistics of tech product usage.


The locations are listed above are the primary location that could help you increase your sales.

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