Customer relationship management – 4 New Tips

When your customers are your friends, your business experiences a boost. Your customers being your friends would make them always patronize you even when they see better offers in other places but because of their relationship with you, they would always stick with you. This is a powerful strategy some businesses does especially small businesses … Read more

How to build a good relationship with your roommate in Nigeria.

I will discuss how you can build a cordial relationship between you and your roommate in the university. According to my experience, most friends at the university who live together do have one or two conflicts weekly, which isn’t supposed to happen. It is always a result of minor misunderstandings within them. You and your … Read more

How to make more Friends in Nigeria

Some persons love making friends on a daily or weekly basis because they feel more happier when they have more friends around them. Some persons are introvert, they hardly make friends unless they get to know the person whom they want to make friends with. Making more friends is cool, but at some points, making … Read more

7 Best Tips to Overcome Pride in 2023

Different persons have been trying their best to overcome pride at all cost, many have tried different steps, it worked for some at the same time it didn’t work for others. Pride isn’t a good behavior one should have many didn’t wish to have it, but it came all of a sudden, there are different … Read more