6 Helpful Tips Reading for long

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How to chose the Best University in Nigeria

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7 Useful things you can do as a Student during ASUU strike – Education Tips

The strike has been affecting Nigeria lately due to the protest by the Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU) in Nigeria due to the failure of the government to succumb to their demands, which has affected the educational system. As a student in Nigeria, what is the way next, this is the opportunity for you to … Read more

10 guidelines to pass Waec in 2023

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6 Guidelines to become Successful in Senior Secondary School

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7 ways to avoid Carryovers in Nigeria universities

I will be showing you how to avoid carryovers in University. Many university students do have carryovers in one or more courses not because they aren’t intelligent enough but because they are some proper steps they didn’t follow. The university screened all candidates to make sure they are deemed fit for the higher education they … Read more