How to chose the Best University in Nigeria

Before choosing a university in Nigeria, there are some important factors you should consider.
Some students always wish to study far from home so they can be free from parental monitoring and some other conditions but it has advantage and disadvantages.
Some parents decides the university their wards will go into while some parents allow their wards choose themselves.
I will be explaining different factors you should consider as a parent or student.

1. Course of study.

In Nigeria there are more than 100 universities polytechnics, college of education etc.
Not all of them offers all the complete courses, some offers most of the courses while other offers few.
For example a course like Medical laboratory science, only few university offers the course in Nigeria which had made the course a very competitive course.

So before choosing a university, you have to make sure the university offers the course you are aspiring for.
You can do these by checking on jamb brochure or probably make inquiry online.

2. Course Accreditation and Ranking.

This is a very important factor which only few knows about.

Check if the university is accredited and its ranking in reputable university ranking lists. Accreditation ensures that the university meets high academic standards and its degrees are recognized by employers and other universities

Some students have graduated, waiting for the course to be accredited by the National university council (NUC) before they get their certificate. This have delayed their employment and have even made some to go study in another university.
Some universities offer courses which hasn’t been accredited, that an important reason you should make proper inquiry before choosing the university.

3. Age of the University.

Some Nigeria universities have been existing for long and they are trusted by different organization in the country.
This is an advantage because once you graduate and take your certificate anywhere to apply for jobs, the interviewer will favor you because you studied at a well trusted university.

People just come up with their own university, passing unqualified students just to give their university a good record thereby yielding an unqualified graduate student.
It’s better going to a popular and we’ll trusted university in Nigeria in which you would be proud of going.

4. Location.

Location is not a really important factor but it should be considered, going to a university not too far from your home has a great advantage.
For example, if there is an urgent situation, you could easily visit your home unlike those who live very far from home.
Some students love studying in a different environment where they came from, it is not bad, it helps promote unity in Nigeria but at the same time it have some little disadvantages.

5. Fees.

Private universities in Nigeria charges more fees than public universities.
Although this doesn’t change anything if you are financially stable but at the same time it is a factor you must consider.
If you are the type that your family is financial unstable, you should be aspiring for a public universities which charges lesser fees unless you are involved in any scholarships deals.

6. Visit the Campus.

Visit the university campus to get a sense of the campus culture, facilities, and resources available to students. This will help you determine if the university is a good fit for you. Talk to current students and alumni of the university to get their perspective on the quality of the education, campus life, and career opportunities after graduation.

7. Consider Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Consider the financial aid and scholarship options available at the university to help you fund your education. Seek advice from academic counselors, teachers, family, and friends who have attended universities to help you make an informed decision.


Choosing the best university is a personal decision that should be based on your academic interests, career goals, and other priorities. By researching universities, visiting campuses, talking to students and alumni, and considering financial aid options, you can choose the university that is best suited to your needs and interests.

Choosing the best university will enable you have a splendid time studying the course of your choice

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