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The strike has been affecting Nigeria lately due to the protest by the Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU) in Nigeria due to the failure of the government to succumb to their demands, which has affected the educational system.
As a student in Nigeria, what is the way next, this is the opportunity for you to utilize a lot of things, learn new skills and do some other things, but the question is, what am I going to do during this break.
Most Nigeria doesn’t want the strike because some students just a few months, and you can’t expect them to keep waiting because of the strike.
In this article, I will be highlighting things that you can do during this strike, and some persons would want to learn a skill, some would be working to save money for the next section.

1. Learning a new skill.

There are many skills you can learn, depending on what you have passion for.
Back then, I could remember I was so interested in learning graphics designing, so I paid for a premium class that took about 2 months.
It was fun learning because I had the opportunity to create excellent designs which people love, and I even got people who hired me to make beautiful graphic designs.

I would advise that any skills you intend on learning during the break are a skill that you could monetize in the future because when you have graduated, you might not be lucky to get a job.
You could then start a graphics business temporarily to make income for yourself before better opportunities come your way.
Some school departments and faculty organize soft skills classes for students that hire professionals with different skills to teach what they know to the students.

You may also come across some adverts on google or social media of someone selling courses. You could also purchase those courses, and it would surely help you in one way or the other.
I have purchased many courses online.

There are different websites like Coursera, skillshare and udemy where you can apply for online courses.
Before applying for courses, you can do brief research to know the best courses to apply for online.
By the end, you will be proud of yourself and have something to show off when you are being asked how you spent the holiday.

2. Generating some cash.

This is important, especially if your parents are not too wealthy, this is a chance to support them.
You would want to get yourself new wears and devices, and this is a time for you to work and generate some income for yourselves.
When you are in school, you won’t be free because you would be busy facing academic activities, so it’s better to utilize this break and make some cash that will sustain you for some time when school resumes back.

You can do several jobs; for example, you can do a POS business. You need to look for a good location, then start earning some cash.
There is various online work you can get involved in. For example, you can start teaching people online and get paid.
Hotel and restaurants jobs are readily available, it is not among term work, so this is something you can sign up till school eventually resumes.

3. Travelling/Tourism.

This is the best time for you to travel or go for tourism.
If you have a lot of family members and relatives, this is the time you can go to visit them, spend some pleasant moments with them, and be sure they would be happy to have you around.

Another thing to do is to go on tourism, visit places you have wanted to visit for a long time.
You could have watched or seen pictures of beautiful tourist centres both locally and international.
Make plans to visit one or two, spend some time there and have fun.
There is a big Beach in Lagos state where you can go and have an excellent time, feel the cool ocean breeze and take nice pictures.

4. Read further.

This is very important because it’s pretty evident that lectures will start rushing academic lectures when school is back in session, which might affect the students.
Use the break to read further, take note of topics you don’t understand so that as soon as you resume, you can ask your lecturers to help you out.
Reading further has some advantages. When your lecturer starts teaching, it won’t look strange or new to you because it is something you will quickly understand.


We don’t know when the strike will be called off, but it shouldn’t take long, so you need to utilize the little time you have, spend more time with your families and friends.
If you have any questions for me, please do let me know in the comment.

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