5 best Lucrative Blogging niche that converts in 2023

I will highlighting the lucrative blogging niches in Nigeria.
Not every blogger goes into blogging because of thier Passion for it, most of them started blogging to make money.
Before starting blogging in Nigeria with the aim of making money, you need to choose a blogging niche which is lucrative, that can earn you a lot of cash.
The amount of traffic to your website is a big factor that determines the amount of money you will make from your website.
I may not highlight all the lucrative blogging niches in Nigeria, but I would highlight the major and important ones.

Top lucrative blogging niches in Nigeria.

1) Entertainment niche.

This niche is the niche that have the highest amount of traffic in Nigeria, at the same time it is the competitive niche in Nigeria.
Entertainment niche can be categorized into music, movie, celebrity gist e.tc.
Most bloggers write on 2 or more categories under the entertainment niches.

Music niche in Nigeria seems to be the category under entertainment niche that generate the highest traffic.
Examples of top music website in Nigeria are naijaloaded, tooxclusive, notjustok etc.
Naijaloaded website have to add other categories under entertainment niches so they could generate more traffic.
It seems the music niche will be affected in few years to come because some music streaming apk have been developed. e.g audiomack, boomplay. People can easily stream or download any music of their choice from those applications.

Movies niche in Nigeria used to do well in the past few years, but YouTube has really affected the niche, people can easily visit their YouTube app to stream or download any Nigeria movies of their choice.
Although the niche is still doing well and generate a lot of traffic, but not like before.
Popular websites like lindaikeji, bellanaija who writes on celebrity gist and latest trends also gets good amount of traffic to their website.
This entertainment niche have a lot of competitions in the sense that people writing on this niche are many and they tends to always copy from websites dominating the niche but the niche is lucrative.

But this shouldn’t discourage you if your wanna go into this niche, you could see other ways to drive traffic to an entertainment blog in Nigeria.
Websites in entertainment niche generate income via the following below;
Ads network- Major entertainment websites in Nigeria use different ads network like AdSense, media.net, propeller ads e.tc and they make a lot of money with it especially those who do get massive traffic.

Advert from companies- Different companies especially ecommerce companies who want to promote their business or products always look out for website with a lot of traffic in which they pay them to advertise their products.
Upcoming artistes also reach out to top websites in the entertainment niche who post music telling them to promote their music on their website, paying them a specific amount of money.

Some websites who post music and movies do make use of link shortener to generate income from their website.

2) News Niche.

I can say that this niche will continue to do very fine in years to come. Although only Top websites in this niche will continue to dominate because websites in this niche have been existing for long and they tends to always rank well on Google search results.
But notwithstanding if you love this niche, you can start by writing guest post for top websites in this niche to as to get link juice to build your website domain authority. As times goes on, your website too will start ranking top on Google search results.

This news niche has some categories too, politics, sport news, local news, international news e.t.c
Some websites in the news niche in Nigeria even goes to the extent of publishing an application for thier websites so any audience using thier app can be notified whenever they publish a new article.
Websites in the news niche in Nigeria monetize thier website mainly by ads network (Good AdSense).

3)Money Making niche.

This niche is one of the most competitive niche in the world not to talk of Nigeria. But that doesn’t affect you, it depends on the topics you write about, the niche have a variety of topics you can write about that can make you rank on top of Google.
The more popular the topic is, the more traffic you generate to your website.

You should always keep your website latest with trending making money topics.
This money making niche have a lot of income sources and can generate a lot of cash for you if you are doing the right thing.
You can make money by reviewing different paying website and inserting your referral link in which you enjoy Referral benefits.
If your website is very popular and generate a lot of traffic, website who wanna promote their making money scheme will pay you to publish about their website on yours.

You can also make money from digital marketing, ads network, link shortener e.tc.
Websites in making money niches always have active followers and subscribers because the audience would always want to know about the latest making money ways.

4)Beauty and fashion niches.

This niche is not very competitive in Nigeria, some bloggers don’t go into the niche because they think they won’t get enough traffic from it and the truth is that top website the niche generates a lot of traffic.
It depends on the topic you write about though, but topic about latest trends generate a lot of traffic.

You can make money from this niche via affiliate Marketing, being Affiliate of ecommerce websites, displaying their goods on your website.
Bloggers of this niche makes a lot of money via all these affiliates beauty and fashions products because the audience that visit their website are people looking for latest beauty and fashion stuffs.

For example, a lady looking for the latest gowns in town and she visits a website then she sees a product (gown) being displaced on the website as an advert, she will be forced to click the advert thereby generating cash for the website owner.
Websites in beauty and fashion niches can also make money via different ads network.

5)Education niche.

This niche generate a lot of traffic in Nigeria because a lot of students in Nigeria are always making enquiry about different educational trends in Nigeria, e.g Waec jamb e.tc.
This niche isn’t too competitive thought, but it has some competitors who always dominate the niche.
If you are planning to enter this niche, you should hire a SEO specialist to work on your website so you too can be competing with the dominators.

You can make money in this niche by selling educational materials on your website.
Some private educational institutions might even message you to promote a post on your website, paying you for it.
You could also make money via popular ads network.


If you think there is still a niche I am missing, you can drop it in the comment box, or make use of the contact us page, I will do my research and update this post.
Although there might be other lucrative blogging niches i don’t know about but the one I have written are the ones which I did research on.

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