6 Helpful Tips Reading for long

Some persons are really good at reading to the extent that they could read for long.
We could call it a talent and at the same time it’s as a result of the trainings they gave themselves.

Reading an interesting book could make you read for long because you seem to be be enjoying what you are reading.
Some people easily gets tired especially when they read a very boring book or novel.

Although there are different reasons why people read books, it could be for educational purpose, it could be for fun by killing boredom.
There are different reasons people read books but the main question is, how long can you read a book?. I will be explaining different steps on how to read and never get tired.

1. Type of book.

There are people who can’t avoid reading a book in a day.
When reading book to learn or acquire knowledge, your main goal is acquiring or gaining some knowledge from the book, it doesn’t matter if you are able to finish the book in time.

But being able to read for long is a great advantage, it will enable you to be prepared for any text or examinations.
People reading 2 to 3days before the examination and passing is because they could read for long.
Their success isn’t by luck but because of their ability to read for long and understand.

If you want to start reading for long, you need to start practicing by reading story books, then you progress to reading big novels.
In a short time, you reading time capability would increase, whenever you are reading story books or novels, make sure you read the interesting ones first.
This gets you more interested in reading story books.

2. Reading Time.

You must have some specific time you read in a day.
Make sure no one is disturbing during your reading time.

Because when you start getting distracted, you begin to lose interest in the book you are reading.
You can also draw a time-table, give specific time to when you will be reading.
When you continue reading at the right time without disturbances, you would be able to read for long without getting tired.

3. Reading posture

Reading position is also a factor to consider, there are some reading postures which makes you get tired quickly when reading.
For example, when you lay and start reading on your bed, you tend to get sleepy.

The best way to read is to sit on a chair and place your books on the table, this helps you stay and read for long. Make sure you’re in a comfortable position when you’re reading. Sit in a comfortable chair with good lighting and make sure the room is not too hot or cold.

4. Take break during reading.

When reading, it’s always advisable to take break during your reading.
You could just stand up, stretch your arms and your legs, if possible try to walk around, this keeps you activated.
You could also take a pause while reading by playing games on your Smartphone.
But it shouldn’t be long, this helps you in reading for a long time.

5. Stay Hydrated.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, as dehydration can lead to fatigue and make it harder to concentrate. Also eat nutritious food that would give you energy to read, make sure it is not something heavy.

6. Use a Bookmark.

Use a bookmark to keep your place so you can pick up where you left off without having to reread pages. Vary your reading material to keep your interest level high. Switch between fiction and non-fiction, or read books on different subjects.


By using these tips, you can improve your reading stamina and enjoy reading for long periods. Remember, the key is to take breaks, stay comfortable, and stay motivated by setting goals and varying your reading material.

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